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What is an Accessory Short-Term Rental (ASTR)?

What is an Accessory Short-Term Rental (ASTR)?

It’s not housemates, it’s not subletting, and the definition can vary from state to state and city to city. The City of Portland adopted regulations in 2014 that define what is allowed as an Accessory Short-Term Rental (ASTR) in the Portland Zoning Code Section 33.207. The word “accessory” in the title emphasizes that the primaryuse of the residential dwelling is long term occupancy, and only a part of the dwelling unit is used for short-term rental purposes. 

A basic definition for a City of Portland ASTR is where an individual or family resides in a dwelling unit and rents bedrooms to overnight guests for less than 30 days.The regulations allow ASTRs in any dwelling unit as long as there continues to be a long-term resident. Bedrooms in legal detached accessory structures can also be rented to overnight guests. 

There are two types of ASTRs, each with a specific permitting process:

  • Type A Accessory Short-Term Rental is one where the resident rents no more than 2 bedrooms to overnight guests. A Type A Accessory Short-Term Rental Permit is required. The application process and site inspection differs depending on how many dwelling units the structure contains.

  • Type B Accessory Short-Term Rental is one where the resident rents between 3 and 5 bedrooms to overnight guests. A Land Use Conditional Use Review application is required along with a site inspection or self-certification for the same safety features as the Type A rental. Please visit a BDS planner in the Development Services Center or phone them at (503) 823-7526 to discuss a Type B accessory short-term rental and the Land Use Conditional Use Review process. To view the informational guide, click here.

  • Proposals that include rental of 6 or more guestrooms at one time are not considered Accessory Short-Term Rentals. In addition, renting entire dwelling units on a short-term basis without a long-term resident is not allowed in residential zones, however it may be allowed in commercial zones if additional permitting requirements are met. Please visit the Development Services Center or phone them at (503) 823-7526 if you have questions about this type of use.

Each accessory short-term rental type (above) has unique requirements based on the number of bedrooms and structure type.