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The City of Portland, Oregon

Development Services

From Concept to Construction

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1900 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

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BDS Web and Informational Documents

Recent updates to the BDS Webpages and Informational Documents


Inspection Request Pocket Reference Guide – minor edits to information, which has been updated on the BDS website and will be used for future print orders.

Combination Inspection Record Card – minor edits, updated 2nd page with Inspection Request info to match pocket guide. This has been posted on the BDS webpage and will be used for future print orders.

Early Assistance Application - minor changes to improve clarity and ease of completing.

BDS Webpage Updates:
Instructions for Customers on How to View Permit Documents Online: step by step instructions for viewing digitized permit documents through the BDS website. This information is linked to the Public Records Access webpage and the Resource Records webpage.

Program/Code Guides:

Marquees and Drainage-OSSC/31/#1 (Formerly Marquees and Fabric Awnings UBC/16/#1) - Code guide revised to update references, and eliminate section on structural requirements for fabric awnings since those requirements are now addressed by the Oregon Structural Specialty Code.

HDPE Sewer Pipe Under an Existing Building and/or Within an Existing Building Envelope - OPSC/7/# (formerly UPC/7/#3) - Code guide revised to add cross reference to the Oregon Structural Specialty Code to provide clearer definition of “building envelope”.

Reduced Drain Pipe Diameter for Conversions to Showers - OPSC/7/#5 - New code guide to allow reduced size drain and trap arm for conversions from bathtubs to showers in certain existing dwelling units under certain conditions.

Additional Sink Covenants - (CC/33/#2) (Formerly Second Kitchen Agreements). Code guide revised to further clarify when additional sinks that are part of a second kitchen area, or could result in conversion to a second kitchen area, are allowed within a dwelling unit. The guide was also revised to clarify when additional sinks are allowed in multi-dwelling structures, duplexes and detached accessory structures as well as single dwelling structures.

Sign and Awning Permits - This program guide was rescinded. The guide was outdated and described a standard permit review procedure. The information is better communicated through website content. The webpage for sign and awning permits was also updated.