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BDS Budget Update

Updates on the status of the BDS 2016 Spring Budget Monitoring Process (BMP) request and FY 2016-17 budget request, and the new staff positions contained in those requests.

2016 Spring Budget Monitoring Process (BMP) - City Council approved BDS requests for 23.5 fee-supported positions

Budget Update

A Budget Monitoring Process (BMP) is an opportunity for bureaus to make adjustments to their current fiscal year budgets, including adding positions.  Our 2016 Spring BMP request, submitted March 28, 2016, included 23.5 additional fee-supported positions (18.5 new, 5 Limited Term positions converted to permanent) to respond to continued workload growth and address remaining gaps in service delivery.  City Council approved our BMP request on April 27, 2016.  The Spring BMP is effective immediately and bureau staff is currently planning to recruit and fill the positions.  Adding positions through the BMP (rather than the FY 2016-17 Requested Budget) allows us to fill them sooner.  The positions include:

Plan Review and Permitting Services Division (8.5 FTE)

  • 3.0 Plans Examiner Commercial
  • 1.0 Plans Examiner Residential
  • 1.0 Structural Engineer
  • 0.5 Geotechnical Engineer
  • 1.0 Office Support Specialist III
  • 2.0 Development Services Technician II

Land Use Services Division (4.0 FTE)

  • 1.0 City Planner II Urban Design
  • 1.0 City Planner I Urban Design
  • 1.0 Office Support Specialist III
  • 1.0 City Planner II Environmental

Inspections Services Division (3.0 FTE)

  • 1.0 Senior Building Inspector - Field Issuance Remodel Program (FIR)
  • 1.0 Development Services Technician II
  • 1.0 Office Support Specialist II

Business Operations and Finance Services (4.0 FTE)

  • 1.0 Development Services Technician II (GIS Team)
  • 1.0 Development Services Technician I (Digitization Team)
  • 1.0 Management Assistant
  • 1.0 Program Coordinator

Public Information and Enforcement Services (4.0 FTE)

  • 1.0 Public Information Manager
  • 1.0 Plans Review Supervisor
  • 1.0 Senior Plans Examiner
  • 1.0 Office Support Specialist II (Customer Call Support Program)

City Council approved our BMP request on April 27, 2016, and bureau staff is preparing to recruit and fill the positions.

Requests for General Fund Support in FY 2016-17 Requested Budget

If you’ve been following the BDS budget news, you know that our FY 2016-17 Requested Budget included three requests for support from the City’s General Fund:

  • Decision Package 1 asks the City Council to restore the required 5% General Fund cut, equating to approximately $111,000 in funding from the Neighborhood Inspections and Land Use Services (LUS) programs.  The cuts would impact nuisance abatements and a partnership between LUS and Portland State that provides scholarships for diverse urban planning students.
  • Decision Package 2 requests ongoing support for two Senior Housing Inspector positions in the Extremely Distressed Properties Enforcement Program (EDPEP), along with $150,000 for nuisance abatements related to EDPEP.  One of the positions was funded this year with program reserves, while the other position would be new.
  • Decision Package 3 requests ongoing General Fund support for three Housing Inspector positions in the Enhanced Rental Inspections Program.  These positions were funded this year with program reserves.

The City Budget Office (CBO) reviewed these requests, and though they agreed with the rationale for the staff positions, they recommended that the City Council not appropriate General Fund monies to pay for them.  On March 29, 2016 the City Council reviewed our requests, and we strongly advocated for General Fund support.  On May 2, 2016, Mayor Hales released his Proposed Budget decisions, and he concurred with the CBO’s recommendations.  We will be working on funding options for our requests while we continue advocating for General Fund support.

Upcoming steps in the budget process include:

  • May – Public budget forums (see
  • May 2 - Mayor's Proposed Budget released
  • June 9 – City Council votes on the Adopted Budget
  • July 1 – FY 2016-17 Budget goes into effect

You can find budget information and links to BDS’s budget and financial plan documents on the City Budget Office website at  If you have questions about the budget, please contact BDS Business Operations & Finance Services Manager Deborah Sievert Morris at (503) 823-7338 or