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Updates to BDS Webpages and Informational Documents


  • Commercial Life Safety Completeness Checklist. This form was introduced in the May, 2016 edition of the Plans Examiner and in June became a requirement to accompany building permit applications for Commercial and Multifamily projects.  The checklist consolidates submittal requirements, and organizes project information for ease of verification by applicants and reviewers. It does not increase the amount of information that is needed for a project.

  • Residential Seismic Strengthening (Brochure #12) – Updated with links to list of approved anchors.

  • Expedited Land Division Acknowledgement – Form required per State of Oregon law to assure Land Division applicants are notified of expedited land division option.

  • Comprehensive Plan, Vesting FAQ’s – This handout describes which zoning regulations apply to a development project, based on the timing of land use and building permit applications in relation to zoning code revisions.


Program/Code Guides:

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Program Guide.  This program guide was revised to incorporate recent changes to the Zoning Code regarding detached accessory structures, including ADUs. The revised program guide addresses these changes, including where ADUs are allowed, and changes to design and development standards for ADUs. Some other minor editorial changes were also made.

  • Refrigerant Piping Pressure Testing Approval - OMSC/11/#1. This new code guide allows approval of pressure testing by submitting photographs. However, the building official may require on-site witnessed testing on a case-by-case basis.

  • Simplex Pumps in Commercial Buildings- OPSC/7/#6. This new code guide allows for the use of simplex pumps in commercial buildings where fixtures cannot be drained by gravity without appeal. It places limitations on the amount of fixtures served, and specifies required drainage, and pump sizing in order to use the code guide.

  • Emergency and Standby Loads Served by Combined Heat and Power/CoGen - NEC/700/#1. This new code guide allows a natural gas Combined Heat and Power (CHP)/CoGen system to serve emergency and/or standby loads may be for some buildings under certain conditions in lieu of provided required on-site fuel. The use of this code guide is limited to service of certain building systems and only in seismic risk category I and II buildings, excluding non-critical facilities and fire pumps and emergency lighting.

  • Pressurization Systems for Smokeproof Exit Enclosures & Elevator Hoistways - OSSC/10/#10. This new code guide provides alternatives to pressurization of stair enclosures and elevator hoistways under certain conditions.

  • Temporary Use of Prefabricated Structures During Construction Projects - OSSC/1/#2. This new code guide provides guidance for placement and use of temporary structures such as leasing offices and job trailers while a construction project is ongoing. It includes standards regarding where temporary structures are allowed, code requirements, and permitting requirements.

  • Illegal Dumping Program Guide. This program guide was rescinded. The guide was out of date because the city no longer cleans up sites at no cost to property owner. In addition, in the absence of a special program to assist property owners with clean up, the topic is outside the scope of a program guide and falls within regular operations of the BDS Enforcement Program.