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BDS Budget Updates

Now that we’re two months into our fiscal year (FY) 2016-17 budget, it’s already time to begin preparing for FY 2017-18 (July 2017 – June 2018). All City bureaus will be required to submit their budget requests in early February 2017. 

As in past years, BDS’s budget development process will be participatory and will involve a large number and variety of stakeholders, including: 

BDS Employees

Budget UpdateAll BDS employees have opportunities to be involved in the budget development process. First, all BDS workgroups take time in staff meetings during the fall to discuss budget needs and ideas. Second, the bureau holds multiple Budget Drop-In Sessions where employees can ask budget questions and share ideas. Third, some BDS employees participate on the BDS Budget Advisory Committee (see below). 

Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) – All City bureaus are required to form Budget Advisory Committees (BACs) that include representatives from bureau management, employees, customers, citizens, and other stakeholders. The BDS BAC has historically included representatives from the following groups: 

  • DRAC (Development Review Advisory Committee)
  • Development industry
  • BDS (employees and managers)
  • Community organizations

The BAC evaluates our budget request in light of the City’s budget directions, BDS’s budget goals, and the needs of customers and the community.  The BAC will meet several times during the budget preparation process (Sept. 2016 – Jan. 2017) and will submit a report with our budget request in February. The BAC meets periodically the remainder of the year. All BAC meetings are open to the public. BAC meeting information and documents will be available on the BDS website soon. 

Development Review Advisory Committee (DRAC) – The DRAC reviews the budget at a more global level. The DRAC provides input on permit and land use fees and has been involved in ensuring that the development review process works well. Understanding the budgets, service levels, and fees of the other City development bureaus continues to be a high priority for DRAC. 

BDS Financial Advisory Committee – The Financial Advisory Committee is composed of local economists and industry representatives along with City economic and finance staff. The Committee reviews our long-range financial projections, which are instrumental in setting parameters for our budget. The Committee has provided valuable feedback and suggestions for improving our financial planning. The Committee will meet at least twice during the budget planning process. 

Labor Management Committee (LMC) – The BDS LMC will review and discuss the budget primarily during its regular monthly meetings, and will be provided with detailed financial information, such as budget line items for each bureau division. This will allow for better familiarity with the bureau’s operation and aid in the LMC’s review and endorsement of the final budget recommendations. 

For more information about BDS’s FY 2017-18 budget process, please contact BDS Finance Manager Elshad Hajiyev (503-823-7323 or or Mark Fetters (503-823-1028 or in BDS Business Operations.