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3. In the land use review process

For projects that require a land use review, the City sends notices to neighborhood associations and surrounding property owners. Anyone can comment on the proposal, but City staff can only consider the comments that relate directly to the approval criteria they must follow when making decisions. Learn more on the land use review process. Here are the first steps on getting involved:

  • Read the public notice. Learn more about how the City notifies neighbors.
  • Call the planner listed on the notice and ask questions. If you have concerns about the proposal, let the planner know. The planner can help you understand the proposal and the criteria that will be used to make the decision.
  • Look up the section of the code referenced in the notice so you know what the rules are. See the Zoning Code.
  • You can visit the City’s offices in person to view the full land use case file. Please call Records Management at 503-823-7617 with the application number to set up an appointment.

How to provide feedback:

  • Send in written comments (mail, email, or dropped off) before the deadline listed in the notice:Provide spoken comments. If there is a public hearing, you can attend the hearing. There are opportunities for public testimony at public hearings for prescribed amounts of time (usually 3 minutes). If you testify and were not included in the original Notice you will be included in all future mailings for the project. See Testimony Tips for more advice on how to make the most of your time.
  • Check the public notice for the correct email address and mailing address. Comments to the Hearings Office cannot be submitted by email.
  • Comments must be related to the relevant Zoning Code approval criteria. These criteria are listed in the public notice. Contact the assigned planner if you have questions about what approval criteria apply. A few guidelines for effective comments include:
    - Put your comments in writing - verbal comments don’t become part of the record unless they are provided at a public hearing;
    - Submit comments by the deadline listed in the notice – late comments cannot be considered;
    - Identify which specific approval criteria your comments relate to and why you think the proposal does or does not meet these criteria;
    - If possible, suggest changes to the proposal that would make it meet the approval criteria.

Land use review decisions may be appealed. When a decision is issued, if you are considering appealing that decision, please visit our page on land use appeals. The appeal process, fee, and hearing body vary depending on the procedure type of the land use review being appealed. Some review types (Type I and Ix) do not have a local appeal and can only be appealed to the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) at the state level. For more information, please visit the LUBA website or call them at 503-373-1265.