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Notice of a Temporary Injunction

Please note that Ordinances 189201, 189309 and 189399 are subject to a temporary injunction from the United States District Court. Until further notice, no portion of those ordinances or their corresponding changes to Portland City Code 24.85 is in effect or enforceable until the injunction expires or is otherwise terminated by the Court. A summary of these provisions is provided below.

The temporary injunction is currently in effect until June 1, 2019. However, the Court has scheduled a hearing to determine whether to extend that injunction beyond June 1, 2019. The hearing is scheduled for May 14-15, 2019, and the Court has indicated it will issue its ruling before June 1, 2019. BDS will notify unreinforced masonry building owners once there is a resolution or update in the litigation.

After the Court determines whether to extend or modify the injunction, BDS will provide unreinforced masonry building owners with further information regarding their obligations under the ordinances and update this page.

Please note that the injunction prohibits BDS from adding buildings to, or removing buildings from, the URM database. BDS also cannot process appeals applications while the injunction is in effect.

URM requirements that cannot be enforced due to the Temporary Injunction

The requirements of Portland City Code 24.85.065(C) to (I) are not in effect due to the Court’s injunction. If the Court terminates the injunction, building owners will then need to comply with the requirements for unreinforced masonry buildings stated in Portland City Code 24.85.065(C) to (I). Those requirements are summarized below, but BDS encourages building owners to review the full requirements here.

  • Portland City Code 24.85.065(C) requires placards to be posted on all designated URM buildings by November 1, 2020 
  • Portland City Code 24.85.065(D) requires URM statements to be included in all applications for leases and rentals supplied to prospective tenants after June 1, 2019.  No URM statements need to be included in lease or rental agreements.
  • Portland City Code 24.85.065(E) requires owners to submit an acknowledgement of compliance by November 1, 2020.
  • Additional terms, including terms regarding enforcement and appeals, are described in Portland City Code 24.85.065(F) to (I).

URM requirements that have been repealed

Recent amendments have changed many of the requirements under prior versions of the ordinances. The following requirements have been repealed and will not go into effect even if the Court terminates the injunction:

  • URM building owners are not required to provide any written URM notices to current tenants.
  • URM building owners are not required to include any URM notification language in rental agreements. However, lease and rental applications are subject to the requirements in Portland City Code 24.85.065(D)
  • URM building owners are not required to record the acknowledgement of compliance.