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The City of Portland, Oregon

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From Concept to Construction

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Facility Permit Program Minimum Submittal Requirements

  • Minimum three (3) sets of plans are required
  • (2) sets of Structural Calculations Stamped by the Engineer of Record licensed w/State of Oregon, (if applicable)
  • (1) Project Manual (if applicable)
  • Plan size minimum 11” x 17”
  • All plans must be drawn to scale (min. 1 inch = 10 ft)
  • Drawings cannot contain color
  • Dimensions and notes must be printed to match 12-point font minimum.
  • Site Plan – When there is exterior work a site plan is required.
  • Elevation View (All sides) – When there is exterior work.
  • Floor Plans – A full floor plan of the proposed alterations and existing conditions for each level of the building in which work is being done. This includes fully dimensioned and labeled, including existing and proposed walls, walls to be removed, door swing direction, windows, stairs, plumbing fixtures, accessibility clearances, uses of rooms/areas, fire-rating of walls
  • Roof Plan – When there is any work being done on the roof, the roof plan should include roof materials, slopes, drains, vents, access hatch, and roof-mounted equipment. Sketches and aerial photographs are not allowed.
  • Code Summary (Occupancy type, floor area, tenant area, tenant occupant load, etc.)
  • Cross Section Drawings
  • Architectural and/or structural “Approval” stamps: Plans are not deemed complete without the approval stamps.

Please remember when submitting plans or corrections, the following are not allowed:

  1. Taped or glued items including labels, stickers or adhesive papers
  2. Grayscale drawings
  3. Highlighter
  4. Color line representation (with the exception of limited red pen or red permanent marker corrections)
  5. Photographs used to demonstrate a requirement of code
  6. Aerial Photographs used to represent the site plan
  7. Paper stapled to documents in lieu of redlines or updated full sheet

If you have a document with any of these items, you will be required to make photo copies of the sheet(s) in order to submit a “clean” set of plans. The Bureau still asks for hand drawn changes to plans to be marked with red pen or marker to indicate changes or updated sections to your plans.