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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Portland Online Permitting System (POPS)

The Portland Online Permitting (POPS) program is modernizing our current permitting system into an online, enhanced customer service delivery system. 

Currently, permit technicians input all permit application information into TRACS, a system the City has used to track and manage permits since 1999. This technology supports the development permit process, but it's antiquated and relies heavily on inefficient paper-based transactions.

The public conducts much of their daily business online via smart phones and tablets, using a variety of applications and POPS will utilize these technologies to streamline the permitting and inspections process. Work is underway to transition to Electronic Plan Review (PDX ePlans), improved web and mobile access for customers, review staff, and inspectors.   

The City’s Development Services process is collaborative and involves seven bureaus working together on site to achieve efficient review and coordination of development projects. The goal of the POPS program is to enable this even more efficiently.

The POPS program team established a Phase 1 implementation plan with specific milestones using a collaborative approach with our interagency bureau partners. A total of six projects are currently underway to be delivered.

These projects include:

• Electronic Plan Review: PDX ePlans

• Improved web portal for customers: Development Hub PDX

• Improved inspections scheduling

• AMANDA upgrade (replaces TRACS)

• Mobile app for contractors and applicants: Contractor App 

• Mobile app for inspectors: Inspector App

For more information on the POPS program, please reach out to us at: