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Land Division and Final Plat Reviews

Subdivision PlatA Land Division Review is required to divide an existing property to create additional lots, parcels or tracts. A land division may also be required to legalize a lot that was created outside of the legal process (such as through deed). 

All land divisions require two steps:

   1. Review and approval of the preliminary plan and

   2. Review and approval of the final plat.

  • To begin the land division process you may submit for an Early Assistance Appointment. These optional appointments are available for feedback on your land division prior to submittal of the land use review application.
  • In addition, Pre-application conferences are required for Type III Land Divisions prior to submittal of the land use review application.
  • Following approval of the preliminary plan, the applicant must submit a final plat for review and approval. The final plat shows the final surveyed layout of the land division, including all lots, tracts, easements and rights-of-way.
  • Once the final plat is recorded, building permits can be submitted for the newly created lots.

Other Reviews

  • A Property Line Adjustment allows for minor changes to the location of existing property lines between existing legal lots.
  • A Replat allows for removing and reconfiguring existing lot lines within a site, resulting in up to three lots.
  • A land division may be combined with a Planned Development Review.


  • Land Divisions are processed as a Type Ix, IIx or Type III procedure. See Overview of the Land Division Process for review thresholds and Process and Timelines for summaries of the procedures.
  • The final plat is the final technical review to determine if all the conditions of approval imposed during the preliminary land use review have been met. It is also a review of the plat survey to determine if it matches the preliminary approved site plan. The final plat review is an administrative review.


Process Handouts

Density and Lot Dimension Requirement Handouts

Special Situation Handouts

Tree Preservation and Identification Handouts

Streets, Stormwater and Tracts & Easements Handouts

Final Plat Handouts