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Planned Development Review

Planned Development ReviewPlanned Development Reviews are intended to allow for innovative and creative development while assuring that development will complement the existing neighborhood character. Planned Developments can also be a way to achieve minimum or maximum density requirements on a site that has natural constraints such as large areas of trees, seeps, springs, streams, flood hazard, or potential landslide hazard areas.

A Planned Development Review allows alternative housing types, modification of site-related development standards (such as setbacks), alternative lot sizes for residential lots, some commercial uses in the RF through R1 zones and transfer of development within or between sites. A Planned Development may be the only land use review requested for a site, or may be part of a proposal for a Land Division.

Planned Development Procedure

  • Planned Development Reviews are processed through a Type IIx or Type III Procedure.
  • To modify an approved Planned Development a Type IIx or Type III review will be required. See Chapter 33.665.
  • To modify an approved Planned Unit Development (original review submitted prior to July 1, 2002) a Type IIx or Type III review will be required. See Chapter 33.668.
  • Pre-application conferences are required for Type III Planned Developments prior to submittal of the land use review application.


  • Application for Land Use Reviews - Complete this application form to apply
  • Early Assistance Application - A pre-application conference is required for all Type III Land Use Reviews. Optional Pre-application conferences are also available to discuss other projects
  • Planned Development Approval Criteria - Address approval criteria with your Planned Development application
  • Planned Development Application Requirements (form under review) - Submittal checklist for Planned Developments
  • Waiver within 120 days - Sign this form within 21 days of application date to allow submittal of new information if a Type III decision is appealed