Resource/Records Counter

General Information

The Resource/Records counter provides access to a variety of building records, publications, maps and other construction related information. At the Resource/Records counter you can research permit and construction information, use the self-service information center, and purchase building and land use related documents.

The Resource/Records counter is located in the Development Services Center. The Resource/Records staff can be contacted at (503) 823-7660.

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Common Reasons to Visit the Resource/Records Counter

Permit and Construction Information at the Resource/Records Counter

The Resource/Records counter maintains permit and construction information for buildings in the City of Portland. Permit, construction and plan information may be available depending upon the year of construction.

Permit and construction information may include:

Self Service Information Center at the Resource/Records Counter

Computers are available for customers to use to view TRACS, the City permitting database, MapWorks (the City GIS system), and PortlandMaps. Code, map and permit information is also available to be viewed in the Development Service Center.

Information available includes: