Site Development Permits

Getting Started

There are several situations when a project would require a site development permit:

  1. Clearing - For cutting or removal of vegetation which results in exposing any bare soil.
  2. Grading - For earthwork, excavation or filling in excess of 10 cubic yards.
  3. Tree Cutting - For tree cutting on slopes with gradients which exceed 25% when more than five trees of six-inch diameter are to be cut or the area to be cleared is greater than 2,500 square feet.
  4. Private Right-of-ways - For construction of streets, alleys, common greens and pedstrian connections located within a private right-of-way. 

Applying For My Permit

Plan Review Process

Site development permits are reviewed by BDS geotechnical and join/or civil engineers and Planing and Zoning staff.

Depending on the project, reviews may be required by other City of Portland bureaus.

When reviews are completed and the permit is approved, staff will contact you to pick up your permit at the Development Services Center

Track the permit review process.


Site development permits are inspected by Site Development Inspections.

Applications & Handouts