Zoning Permits

Getting Started

Zoning permits are required when a building permit is not needed, but where planning staff must verify and approve how the site and associated development will be used. Although a building permit may not be required, construction must comply with the current building and zoning code standards.

A zoning permit is required when:
Use a building permit application to apply for a zoning permit.
** A zoning permit is not required to:
** Except in an environmental zone, in the Johnson Creek Basin Plan District or in another special overlay zone or plan district where a zoning permit may be required.

Applying For My Permit

Before starting any project, please check with Planning & Zoning staff by calling (503) 823-7526 or by visiting the Development Services Center to determine:

Plan Review Process

Planning & Zoning staffs reviews all zoning permits.

Depending on the type of project, other development - related bureaus such as the Bureau of Environmental Services or the Portland Office of Transportation may review the application.

Inspection Process

The Bureau of Development Services’ Compliance Services section generally inspects zoning permits.

Applications & Handouts