How do I request an inspection?

What is the Inspection Request (IVR) System?

BDS uses an automated inspection request system known as interactive voice response (IVR). When you pick up your permit, you will receive an IVR number and information on how to request an inspection. The IVR phone system allows you to:

Once an inspector has finished your requested inspection(s), the inspection results are posted to the IVR system. Just as you can schedule your inspections using IVR, you can also access the results posted by the inspector.

More information on inspections.

What is an IVR Number?

NOTE: Your IVR number is distinct from your permit number. The fastest way to schedule an inspection is to use your IVR number.

How do I access the IVR System?

The inspection request phone number is (503) 823-7000. The IVR system is available 24 hours a day with a brief period of down time on Saturday mornings. If for any reason IVR can't complete your requested transaction, you may be forwarded to a staff person during business hours by selecting "0." Instructions for requesting an inspection using IVR.

What do I need to schedule an inspection?

To schedule an inspection, you need the following:

1. An IVR Request Number (or permit number)

2. The three-digit inspection code(s) of the inspection(s) you would like to schedule

3. Pen and paper to write down your confirmation number

Where do I find the inspection codes?

A list of the three-digit inspection code(s) can be found on this website or copies can be picked up in the Development Services Center.

What is the deadline for requesting an inspection?

The IVR schedules inspections 24 hours a day. BDS is providing “Day Certain” scheduling, this means the IVR system will select the first available inspection date. Your inspection will occur on that date. Please check the Residential route slips at after 8:15 AM to view your scheduled 2-hour inspection window.

Can I hear a list of my scheduled inspections?

If you want to know what inspections you have scheduled on a specific permit, IVR can provide this information. When you hear the main menu prompt, select six on your telephone keypad. You will be prompted to enter your IVR number, and then your scheduled inspections on that permit will be spoken. This feature works per permit, so have all your IVR numbers ready when you call.

How do I schedule a reinspection?

If an inspector has been out to do an inspection and your inspection was not approved for any reason, you will be required to schedule a reinspection. There are no separate codes for reinspections. To schedule a reinspection, simply call and, using the same three-digit inspection code you initially used to schedule the inspection, schedule your inspection again.

What is the deadline for rescheduling or canceling an inspection?

To reschedule or cancel a same-day inspection, you must call in your request no later than 6:00 a.m. If you call between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., you'll be asked to call back after 8:00 a.m. to speak to an operator.

Will IVR ever stop you from scheduling an inspection?

How can I hear my inspection results?

When you dial into the IVR system, select three from the main menu. You will be prompted to enter the IVR number and inspection code, so please be sure to have those available.

How do I request inspections on a revision?

For now, inspection requests and results on revisions and deferred submittals are recorded on the main permit for the project. If you encounter any difficulties when trying to schedule an inspection on a permit that has revisions or deferred submittals, please zero out of the IVR system and talk to an operator. They will be able to provide the IVR Request Number for your main permit.

How can I get a plan review status?

Your plan review status can be obtained using the IVR system. When you dial into IVR, select four from the main menu. You will need to supply a fax number where your plan review status can be sent. Plan review status reports are only available on permits that are under review.

Important Information about the Voicemail Feature of IVR

If you record a message for an inspector using the voicemail feature of IVR, please be sure to press the # key when you're finished recording your message and then the one key to send the message. The inspector won't receive your message if you don't press these keys to send your message.

Final Building Inspection vs. Final Permit Inspection

There has been some confusion over the two final inspections "299 Final – Structural" and "999 Final Permit." To clarify, "299 Final – Structural" can only be used on RS, MP and MI permits. The purpose of this inspection is to get a final only for the building piece of the job. 999 Final is used to final the whole project. For finals on Commercial Building Permits, customers should request inspection 999.

Building Inspections Clarification

When you're calling in on a residential building permit, there are two inspections available that are not available on the commercial building permit: 260 Shearwalls and 265 Firewall.

What if I receive the message, "There is an error with your permit. Permit status not ok."?

This means the permit is either not issued or has already been finaled. To request inspections on a permit, the permit status must either be issued or under inspection. Any other permit status will return the message "There is an error with your permit. Permit status not ok."

What if the IVR doesn't accept your three-digit code?

If your three digit code isn't accepted, there are a couple things to check.

How do I get a Sewer Inspection?

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