Commercial Plumbing Permits

Getting Started

Hiring a contractor

All contractors working in the state of Oregon must be licensed by Oregon’s Construction Contractors Board (CCB). The CCB requires licensed contractors to provide their license number on all of their company materials. The CCB maintains records on licensed contractors and about any claims filed against them. Contact the CCB at (503) 378-4621 or get help with a contractor query at

All plumbing contractors must be licensed by the Oregon State Plumbing Board (PB). Call the PB at (503) 373-1268. 

Project and Fees

You will be asked to describe the scope of work proposed and to provide a detailed list of all plumbing work you will be doing. If you have questions, please call: 

Commercial Plumbing at (503) 823-7302 

The fees for your plumbing permit are based on the scope of work you are doing. The individual fees are listed on the Plumbing permit application.

Applying For My Permit

Plumbing permits not needing plan review are usually issued the same or following day after receipt of the application. A copy of the issued permit will be mailed to you. 

Plumbing plan review is required for:

Submittal Requirements

If plan review is required, the following information is needed:

  1. A plan drawn to scale showing the location of all the plumbing fixtures and the location of the rain drains or roof drains. Provide the elevation of the lowest floor containing plumbing fixtures or drains.
  2. Site or plot plan showing the following information:
    • Size, location, depth of burial and type of material of the storm sewer and sanitary sewer from the building to the point of disposal
    • Size, location, water pressure, depth of burial and type of material of the water line from the building to the property line or water supply
    • Provide the elevation of the street or road to which the building sewers drain
    • If the street or road elevation is the same elevation as the lowest floor level, or higher, show the elevation of the next upstream manhole cover of the public sewer
  3. A drawing showing the size and type of material for the drainage system, venting system, storm water system, hot and cold water piping, 13D fire sprinkler systems and medical gas vacuum systems in or adjacent to the building. Medgas plans are required to be stamped by an Oregon registered professional engineer.
  4. A riser diagram supplied for a building three stories or more in height for the drainage system, vent system and storm water system showing size of lines and type of material
  5. A riser diagram supplied for a building three stories or more in height for hot and cold water piping, including size, type of material, pressure available, height and required pressure for specific installations
  6. A copy of the specifications describing fixtures, appliances, roof drains and other appurtenances supplied

Food Service Establishments

Approval by the Multnomah County Health Department, (503) 988-3400, or the Oregon State Agriculture Dept. (503) 986-4720, shall be obtained prior to the plumbing plan review for all proposed food service establishments.

Plan Review Process

Plumbing permits requiring plan review will generally be issued within ten working days.

Plans are reviewed by the Commercial Plumbing section of the Bureau of Development Services.

Septic tank installations are to be approved by the Environmental Soils Section of the Bureau of Development Services (503) 823-6892.

Approval by the Bureau of Environmental Services is needed for:


Applications & Handouts