devTeam Assistance

Program Phase

The best time to begin working with a devTeam Liaison is during the Program Phase of your project when you are beginning to consider the design, programming and budget for your project. A key element to the success of a project is the earliest identification of issues and possible conflicts between the proposed design and code requirements. In order to discover issues or conflicts early your Liaison can help you with:

Schematic Design and Design Development

Pre-Application Conferences Meeting

As you continue in the development of your plans, your Liaison is available to:

  • Answer questions and make sure you have the information you need to move forward with your design
  • Arrange additional meetings with review staff as necessary
  • Attend the land use pre-application conference
  • Update your fee estimate to keep it as accurate as possible
  • Attend the PDOT Early Assistance meeting
  • Provide guidance regarding the construction schedule and review time frames

Construction Documents

Construction Site Construction documentsAs your plans are completed and ready for review, your Liaison will assist you in making sure all the necessary components are included in your submittal.  In order to ensure that the review of your project moves along smoothly, your Liaison will be there to help you with:
  • Updated building permit fee and System Development Charge (SDC) information
  • An intake checklist for your use which includes all the items that must be included in your plans 
  • An intake appointment to review your submittal for completeness
  • Communication between the design and city review teams on issues that arise during plan review
  • Problem resolution meetings as needed
  • The City review process, tracking your critical path items and City review timelines

During construction

During Construction Once your plans are approved and the Construction Phase is underway, your Liaison will continue to help you with communication between:
  • Communication between the City inspectors and the Contractor’s team on issues that may arise in the field.
  • The review process for deferred submittals and revisions that may occur as construction progresses.  
  • Coordination assistance during final inspection and occupancy approval.