Project Submittal

How do I submit Revisions & Deferred Submittals?

(When submitting Revisions & Deferred Submittals you must fill out an FPP Intake Form and specify what corresponding facilities permit number that is associated with your Revision or Deferred submittal.)


  1. A copy of this application
  2. Three (3) sets of plans
  3. Two (2) set of calculations
  4. Two (2) sets of product information
  5. Drawings and calculations must be stamped and signed by an Engineer registered in Oregon and approved by the Architect/Engineer of record for the building.


  1. A copy of the revision application   
  2. Three (3) sets of plans that clearly reflect the proposed change(s). Drawings and calculations must be stamped and signed by the Architect and/or the Engineer of Record, if applicable.
  3. Two (2) sets of calculations, if applicable
  4. Inspector’s correction notice, if revision is due to an inspection correction

What is a Project Reference Number or a "Billing Identification" Number?

The "Project Reference Number" (Billing Number) is a set of numbers and/or letters that is (created by the Responsible Party or the Building Management Company) similar to a purchase order number. This is not YOUR JOB NUMBER

The "Project Reference Number" (Billing Number) is our authorization to bill the Responsible Party and provides them with a reference number on our invoices that can be used to tie the review and inspection charges for the permit to the corresponding project. Typically, the same "Project Reference Number" will be used for the building permit and all related trade permits for the same project. 

Please note: If we do not have a Project Reference Number, we cannot set up or issue a permit.  

Complete Project Submittals may be made to Permitting Services - 2nd floor - 1900 SW 4th Avenue. (Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri - 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and Thurs 8:00 a.m. to Noon) 

For Questions, please call (503) 823-5996. 

What Information should be on your plans at the time of submittal?

  1. Minimum three (3) sets of plans are required
  2. (2) sets of Structural Calculations Stamped by the Engineer of Record licensed w/State of Oregon, (if applicable)
  3. (1) Project Manual (if applicable)
  4. Plan size minimum 11” x 17”
  5. All plans must be drawn to scale (min. 1 inch = 10 ft)
  6. Drawings cannot contain color
  7. Dimensions and notes must be printed to match 12 point font minimum
  8. Site Plan – When there is outside work a site plan is required.
  9. Floor Plans – A floor plan, provided for each area and level of the building in which work is being done
  10. Code Summary (Occupancy type, floor area, tenant area, tenant occupant load, etc.)
  11. Elevation View (All sides)
  12. Cross Section Drawings
  13. Architectural and/or structural “Approval” stamps: Plans are not deemed complete without the approval stamps.
  14. Plan must clearly show all work you intend to do on the building as well as the existing conditions. In some cases, we will need the plans to reflect where the building sits on your property in relationship to property lines and other buildings on the site.