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Environmental Services

working for clean rivers

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1120 SW 5th Avenue, Room 1000, Portland, OR 97204

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Bill Inserts for Customers

Link to spring bill insert about stormwater runoffWhat is stormwater runoff?

Portland receives an average of 37 inches of rain a year.

In a natural environment, soil and plants absorb rain. However, when streets, buildings, and parking lots cover the ground, rain can wash over the hard surfaces to create stormwater runoff. When runoff is not managed properly, it can:

  • Carry dirt, oil and other pollutants to rivers and streams.
  • Cause erosion and flooding.
  • Harm property and wildlife habitat.
  • Reduce capacity of sewer pipes to carry sanitary sewage, causing backups into streets and basements.

Learn more about what the City is doing about stormwater runoff and what you can do.



Environmental Services inserts these informational flyers in quarterly
water-sewer-stormwater utility bills

What is stormwater runoff?

Download (PDF Document, 890kb)

Old Sewers and New Technologies

Download (PDF Document, 885kb)

What We Flush Matters

Download (PDF Document, 1,625kb)

Restoring Habitat for Fish and Wildlife

Download (PDF Document, 352kb)

Protecting Portland Waterways

Download (PDF Document, 1,628kb)

Floodplains, Watersheds, Clean Rivers

Download (PDF Document, 801kb)

We All Live In a Watershed

Download (PDF Document, 1,049kb)

Working for Clean Rivers

Download (PDF Document, 797kb)