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Middle Hillsdale Inflow and Infiltration Pilot Project

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Private Property Sewer Repair

Updated November 3, 2017

Environmental Services is beginning construction on a project designed to help keep stormwater and groundwater out of sanitary sewers in Southwest Portland. Inflow of stormwater and of groundwater into sewer pipes occurs when storm drains are directly connected to the sanitary sewer or because cracks in sanitary sewer pipes allows groundwater to flow into the public sewer main. This is known as "inflow and infiltration" and can overload the sewer system and cause sewer mains to overflow at low points and drain into ditches or nearby waterways.

The Middle Hillsdale Inflow and Infiltration Pilot Project will help keep stormwater and groundwater out of the sanitary sewer system by repairing sewer laterals that connect houses and properties to the sewer main.

Project Map

Developments of Note

Construction is anticipated to begin in September of 2017.  Environmental Services will be providing advance notice of construction activities, and the construction contractor will provide notice once construction is scheduled in your vicinity.

Construction Method

The city’s contractor will use trenchless methods to replace most of the laterals on private property, which will reduce the amount of excavation required.

Contact Information

It will be important to be able to communicate with you both before and during the work to replace the connection to your home. Please make sure that we have your current home phone number, your mobile phone number and email address to ensure that we can contact you before and during construction on your property.

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For More Information

Contact Cheryl Kuck at or call 503-823-7898.

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