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Southeast Interceptor Sewer Repair

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Environmental Services is continuing construction on a project in inner southeast Portland to repair the deep and wide Southeast Interceptor sewer line that is deteriorating due to age. The sewer line runs parallel to the Willamette River under inner southeast neighborhoods and is between 5 to 6 feet wide and 25 to 54 feet below the surface.

Two segments of the Southeast Interceptor require repairs. See map below.

ScheduleProject map

Below is the anticipated schedule:

  • Work zones are located at manholes and move as project segments are completed.
  • Crews continue to work in the southern section of the project area.
  • Crews move northward as they finish a phase of work at each manhole.
  • Work at each manhole may last up to two months.
  • Crews may be working at multiple locations at the same time.

The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of September 2018.

Current and Upcoming Activities

Current and upcoming activities as work progresses at each manhole include the following:

  • Install manned entry access equipment
  • Set up temporary sewer bypass system
  • Jet clean the sewer pipe to clear it of debris and sediment
  • Prepare the pipe for grouting work
  • Drill grout holes inside the pipe
  • Fill voids outside sewer pipe with grout

There may be periods of inactivity due to a variety of factors, especially weather. Crews can safely work in the Southeast Interceptor pipes only on dry days when there will be no flow in the pipes from rain or other parts of the sewer system. Project managers monitor the weather forecast closely and adjust operations at each work site accordingly

Work Hours

This project includes daytime and nighttime work:

  • Work in the southern segment will occur during the day from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturdays as needed.
  • Work in the northern segment (NE Davis to SE Stark) is currently planned to occur at night from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturdays as needed.

Construction Methods

The sewer repair method for this project can only be completed from inside the sewer line:

  • Crews enter the Interceptor pipes from manholes and climb down 25 to 54 feet below the surface.
  • While that avoids having to dig trenches in the roadway, it means crews can only work safely on dry days when there will be no flow into the pipes from rain or other parts of the sewer system.
  • A quiet generator will be running all hours, all days (24/7) in all segments of the project to pump sewage and stormwater from the sewer line so that crews can safely work inside the sewer pipe.

For more information

For more details about the construction methods, what to expect during construction, and traffic impacts, click here. If you have questions and concerns you’d like to discuss, please call or email:

Cheryl Kuck
Community Outreach
Phone: 503-823-7898

If you have a concern or question about a pipe repair near you, please be sure to include your name, property address and project name (Southeast Interceptor) in your voicemail and email so we can provide you more details about what to expect in front of your property. Also, please write "SEI" in the subject line of your email. Click SIGN UP to sign up for periodic email updates.

Project Overview

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