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Safeway Pump Station

Updated August, 2018

Button. Click to sign up for email updatesEnvironmental Services is continuing construction of a new sewage pump station in the Safeway parking lot on Hayden Island. Construction activities began in July 2017 and will take a little over a year to complete.

The project includes building a new pump station and decommissioning the old pump station. As part of this project repairs will be made to an adjacent manhole and the main sewer line in North Jantzen Street. This will require some construction in the street.  

Sewage flows downhill through pipes called gravity sewers in most of Portland’s collection system. Pump stations are located at low points in the system to pump wastewater uphill. This project will increase Safeway Pump Station capacity to manage the flow it receives.

Environmental Services owns and operates nearly 100 sewage pump stations all around Portland, including five on Hayden Island. Two of them pump sewage to the Safeway Pump Station. The Safeway facility then pumps sewage to the Hayden Island Pump Station, which pumps it into a large gravity sewer that carries sewage to the treatment plant.

site map of the construction area

For More Information

During construction, we will be sending out email updates on schedules, traffic detours, delays, parking restrictions and other project news. I strongly encourage you to sign up for the project email update list Email Aaron.

Contact Aaron Abrams with questions or concerns at 503-823-2827 or

What to expect during construction

  • Work will be conducted in multiple phases with periods of inactivity between each phase ranging from a few days to a few weeks.
  • Except for night work, construction hours will be 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The contractor may also schedule work during the same hours on Saturdays.
  • Construction creates noise, vibration and dust and may disrupt normal activity nearby.
  • The contractor will maintain access to Safeway and other local businesses.
  • A city inspector will be on-site during work hours and may be able to assist you with an immediate need during construction.
  • Sewer, water, and other utilities will remain in service during construction.

Did You Know?

To prevent sewer backups and protect pipes, only flush human waste and toilet paper. Visit to see what happens when we flush products that don’t belong in the sewer. Wipes, disposable diapers and other products that claim to be flushable can block sewer pipes and cause sewage backups.