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Argay Green Street Project

Updated February 15, 2019

Environmental Services has completed construction of the 53 green street planters in the Argay Terrace Neighborhood. The plants are in the soil and the contractor is finishing some final items, including paving and restoration.

The Argay Green Street Project is helping to project water quality in the Columbia Slough by using green street planters to reduce and filter stormwater runoff. The plants slow runoff, allow water to soak into the ground, trap sediments, and absorb pollutants.


Map of Argay Green Streets Project


Can You Make Changes?

Environmental Services uses native plants and other specially selected plants that can adapt to green street conditions and that require minimal care. Any changes, alterations, or additions to the green street planter may disrupt this function and the growth of plants. Please DO NOT prune or trim plants, add or replace plants without written approval, use chemical herbicides, fertilizers, or insecticides, modify or alter the function or design, add or remove soil, compost, mulch or rocks, and remove dead or dying plants.

Who Maintains the Green Streets?

Environmental Services routinely monitors all green street planters to determine the level of work needed to maintain healthy plants and ensure that the planters’ function properly. During the first two years, the young plants are susceptible to damage. During this phase, Environmental Services contracts with professional landscapers to care for and maintain green streets. The City or professional landscaper will check to be sure the green street is functioning properly, remove sediment, clear curb openings, remove trash and debris, remove weeds, and water, trim, or remove/replace plants if necessary.

How Can You Help?

If you are interested in planting and/or helping maintain a green street planter, become a Green Street Steward! By becoming a green street steward, you are helping your community and helping keep the Columbia Slough clean.

Sign up at If you have questions, contact Svetlana Pell at or 503-823-8764.


Please don’t hesitate to contact Debbie Caselton with any questions at 503-823-2831 or