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Argay Green Street Project

Updated September 6, 2018

Environmental Services is constructing green streets in the Argay Terrace Neighborhood. The project includes moving some water pipes, replacing some stormwater inlets and re-constructing some intersection sidewalks and ADA ramps, as well as constructing 53 green street planters..

When it rains in this neighborhood, water flows over streets, drains into the stormwater system and flows to the Columbia Slough, carrying pollution with it. The green street planters are built next to sidewalks to clean and filter the stormwater before it enters the slough to protect water quality, reduce the risk of basement backups, and help control stormwater runoff during heavy rain events.  Argay Green Street locations

Project benefits at a glance

Construction Schedule

Construction activities are taking place in multiple locations. There are periods of inactivity between phases, especially with the green street planters. The tentative schedule is as follows:

September 10 through September 24:

  • Stormwater work, including installing storm lines, storm drains, and manholes, will continue at NE Shaver Street between 125th and 134th.
  • Crews have started filling completed green streets with soil and will continue to fill the other planters with soil once the planters are completed.
  • Green street planters will see new plants in Fall/winter 2018 to coincide with planting season.

How To Be A Good Green Street Neighbor

  • DO limit or eliminate use of fertilizers and pesticides in your yard. Garden chemicals washed away by stormwater can pollute ground and surface water.
  • DO call 503-823-1424 if you have green street maintenance concerns, see damage or vandalism, or standing water for more than 48 hours.
  • DO remove trash or debris from curb openings where water enters and exits the facility.
  • DO call 503-823-8764 or email if you are interested in adopting a green street.
  • DO NOT dump grass clippings or yard debris in a green street.
  • DO NOT use green streets for storage or parking.
  • DO NOT allow children or dogs to play in green streets. Even little feet can damage plants and compact soil. Bacteria in dog feces can be a health hazard to everyone.

What To Expect During Construction

Expect minor traffic delays, traffic control signage, periods of inactivity and flaggers as needed within each work area. For more information, please visit the What to Expect During Construction section of

For More Information

With questions, comments or for more information, please contact Stefanus Gunawan at 503-823-5759 or To be added to an email update list, please email Stefanus with "Argay" in the subject line. Thank you for your interest in this important neighborhood stormwater management project.