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Goose Hollow Sewer Repair Project

JULY 2019Sign up for email construction updates

Environmental Services is designing a project to replace or repair aging public sewer pipes that are in deteriorating condition in the Goose Hollow and the Goose Hollow-Southwest Hills neighborhoods. The Goose Hollow Sewer Rehabilitation Project will repair or replace up to 16,000 linear feet, or three miles, of public sewers. Many of the existing sewer pipes range from 40 years old to more than 100 years old, and are deteriorating due to age. This project will protect the public and the environment by reducing the possibility of sewage releases to homes, businesses and streets.


Construction is anticipated to begin in the fall/winter of 2020 and take up to a year and a half to complete. We will provide detailed timelines and other project information via mail, email, social media, and the project website when it becomes available. 


The project is generally bounded by W Burnside Street to the north, SW Talbot Terrace to the south, Hwy 26 to the west, and I-405 to the south.

Goose Hollow project map

Why Are We Coming To Your Neighborhood?

The project scheduled for your neighborhood is part of the city’s program to maintain and upgrade the public sewer system. In the early 1900s, when Portland was growing rapidly, the city built hundreds of miles of sewers. Since most sewer pipes have a lifespan of about 100 years, Portland is now facing an urgent need to modernize our aging system.   Environmental Services has launched a large-scale effort to repair or replace the highest priority pipes throughout the city. Your neighborhood will experience a temporary disruption but will benefit from the improved infrastructure.   The city is replacing aging and deteriorating sewer pipes with modern materials. These materials are more resistant to blockages than the materials used 80 to 100 years ago. The updates will provide a safe, efficient, and reliable sewer system for your neighborhood and the city.  

What Is Happening Now?

Over the next few months, crews will be in the neighborhood locating utilities, surveying, inspecting sewer pipes and manholes with closed circuit TV, and drilling small holes in the street to take soil and pavement samples. This information will help engineers design and plan for repairs at each location. These information-gathering activities typically occur over time, rather than all at once. For details, visit  

Public and Private Property Access

Most information-gathering activities will occur in the public right-of-way. It is important that property owners understand that part of their land is deemed “public right-of-way” for streets, sidewalks, utilities, and similar public uses. In the Goose Hollow project area, the public right-of-way often extends well into what appears to be private property, including what appears to be private yards. Crews may need to access these areas to inspect and repair public sewers.  

Public Sewer Easements

In addition, where the city has public sewer easements, crews may need to access private property for survey, other activities, and eventual sewer repairs. City outreach staff will coordinate with affected property owners for access to public sewer pipes and manholes on private property. 

For More Information

Contact Aaron Abrams at Environmental Services at 503-823-2827 or if you have questions or concerns.