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Parkrose Stormwater Project

Updated October 7, 2019Sign Up for emails

Environmental Services is designing a stormwater management project in a portion of the Parkrose neighborhood. This project is part of a larger effort to improve water and sediment quality in the Columbia Slough.

Currently, when it rains, stormwater flows over streets, picking up pollutants along the way, then the water flows into the City’s stormwater pipes which carry the polluted stormwater directly to the Slough. Environmental Services is proposing to build over 30 underground stormwater treatment facilities and two green street planters to clean and filter the stormwater before it enters the slough to protect water quality, reduce the risk of basement backups and help control stormwater runoff during heavy rain events.

Several methods are proposed to clean and filter stormwater in the area before it flows into the Slough. These include underground injection control structures, manholes with manufactured stormwater treatment systems, sedimentation manholes, and green street planters. This new infrastructure will help control stormwater runoff during heavy rain events, improve water quality, and protect the Columbia Slough.

Proposed Night Work

Map of the Parkrose Stormwater Project

Environmental Services has identified several locations that will likely require night work for pavement restoration work on NE 122nd Ave. from NE Shaver St. to NE Marx St. (see proposed construction map.) To limit traffic disruptions on NE 122nd., some of the work will extend a few hours beyond 6pm or will need to be done overnight. Equipment generates noise and could include grinders, pavers, rollers, dump trucks, street sweepers, tack trucks, excavators, loaders, generators, and saw cutters. Night work requires lighting of the work zone.

Project Background

Since 1993, Environmental Services and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) have studied the Columbia Slough Watershed and worked together to improve sediment quality.

Studies show widespread, low-level contamination throughout the slough's sediments with a few isolated areas of higher contamination. The city's cleanup approach includes controlling the source of the contaminants, cleaning up the most contaminated areas, and long-term monitoring.

Environmental Services and DEQ are working together to improve water and sediment quality in the Columbia Slough. By identifying the sources of pollutants and controlling them, less pollution will reach the waterway. The Parkrose Stormwater Project will help with this goal.

Project Schedule

Environmental Services is nearly complete with the design of the project. Construction is anticipated to begin in summer 2020. We will provide more specific information as the project evolves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Green Street?

Green streets are rain gardens that collect stormwater runoff from streets and allow water to soak into the ground as soil and vegetation filter pollutants.

What will they do?

Currently when it rains, water flows from streets and sidewalks into the storm system that carries it directly to the Columbia Slough. The new green streets will collect and filter this polluted runoff before it enters the pipes or soaks into the ground to protect water quality in the Columbia Slough.

Who maintains these new rain gardens?

The city maintains green streets to ensure that they effectively manage stormwater. Portland has more than a thousand green streets across the city.

Where will the green streets be located?

Environmental Services locates green street planters where they will be most effective in collecting stormwater. The planters in this project will be curb extensions, extending into the on-street parking zone next to the curb.

Will there be a green street outside of your house?

Environmental Services will communicate with all adjacent property owners where proposed green streets will remove on-street parking spaces.

Stay Informed

  • Be part of the project email updates by sending an email to with “Parkrose” in the subject line.
  • Call Stefanus Gunawan with questions or comments at 503-823-5759.

Environmental Services has resources to help fund your ideas for planting trees and native plants in the households, businesses, non-profits, local schools and local places of worship that you are involved with.

Project ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • Planting trees in your yard or the public right of way and encouraging neighbors to join you
  • Installing a rain garden or native plants at a place of worship, business, non-profit or school
  • Removing pavement and replacing it with trees or plants
  • Engaging your community group in watershed education opportunities

To learn more about how we can fund your project, email Michelle Moulton at or call at 503-823-8193.