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Hollywood-Grant Park Phase 2 Sewer Repair Project

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Environmental Services continues construction on a project to repair or replace 3,000 feet of aging public sewer pipes that are in deteriorating condition. The project includes pipes that were part of the original Hollywood-Grant Park Sewer Repair Project, which was completed in 2017. Due to the complexity of work in sewer easements on private properties, the Phase Two pipes were removed from that project and added to the Montavilla North Sewer Repair Project for construction this summer. The Hollywood-Grant Park Phase Two Sewer Repair Project also includes repair and construction of manholes, sewer access cleanouts, and 196 feet of sewer service laterals. These improvements will protect public health and the environment by reducing the possibility of sewage releases to houses and streets.

Landis & Landis Construction is the City's contractor for the Montavilla North project and the Hollywood-Grant Park Phase Two projects.


The project will repair or reconstruct public sewer pipes, manholes, cleanouts, and sewer service laterals at several locations in the Hollywood-Grant Park neighborhoods. For a map of sewer repair locations, click here.

Additional Survey Work

Scheduled for December 9 - 10

As a follow-up to previous survey work in October and November, Survey crews will return and access the rear portion of private properties adjacent to public sewer easements to locate and mark the property corners. Survey crews will mark the property corners with 5/8” x 30” iron rods with plastic caps marked “Emerio Design.”

The information they obtain will help City engineers and the construction contractor plan repairs to the public sewer pipes.

Although the sewer repair work is currently not scheduled, Environmental Services and the construction contractor will coordinate with property owners to plan and schedule that work.

Survey Schedule

Between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Monday, December 9, through Tuesday, December 10, Survey crews are scheduled to be on the following properties:

  • Public sewer easement located between properties north of NE Wasco Street and east of NE 47th Avenue
  • Public sewer easement located between properties north of NE Wasco Street and west of NE 49th Avenue

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the exact day and time when Survey crews will be at each property because of variations in size of each property lot, unexpected discoveries, and other factors.

Survey Marking Guide

What To Expect During Survey Work

Survey crews will access public sewer easements located on private properties to accomplish the following activities:

  • Determine property corner lines adjacent to the sewer easement

As a courtesy, please do not remove any utility location markings or stakes and ribbons. These markings are vital to the project, and the construction contractor may return to complete additional inspections based on the markings.

The graphic to the right illustrates what each survey color represents.

Once construction of the unscheduled sewer repair work is complete, Survey crews may return at a future date and time to set the true and permanent property lines and file the records with Multnomah County. We will coordinate with property owners to plan and schedule this future work.

Private Property Access

Environmental Services and its contractor will continue to coordinate with property owners to plan and schedule access to private properties and public sewer easements. If you have received a Permit of Entry form from Environmental Services, please sign and return it as soon as possible or call us to discuss what is expected to occur on your property. Call Stefanus Gunawan at 503-823-5759 or email

For More Information

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about sewer construction planned near you:

  • Visit this webpage for updates using the shortcut
  • For details about construction methods and what to expect during construction, see the Project Overview section of this webpage.
  • Sign up for email updates about construction schedules and activities by clicking the SIGN UP button and selecting Hollywood-Grant Park Phase Two from the menu.
  • Call Stefanus Gunawan at 503-823-5759 or email him at and please write HGP2 in the subject line of your email.
  • Please include your name, business name, property address, and project name (HGP2) in your phone and email messages. 

Project Overview

Including the project description, map and schedule

Community Outreach

Check out upcoming public meetings, and current and previous communications about the project