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Hillsdale South Sewer Repair Project

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Updated November 18, 2020

The City of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services is continuing our work to repair and replace critical sewer and stormwater infrastructure. Environmental Services will continue to provide information and updates on construction schedules and activities during the COVID-19 emergency.

Environmental Services – your sewer and stormwater utility – is finalizing construction on the Hillsdale South Sewer Repair Project. The project will repair or replace approximately 7,229 feet of 80-year-old public sewer pipes throughout your neighborhood. Taking these actions now will help protect public health and the Fanno Creek and Tryon Creek watersheds by reducing the possibility of costly breaks, leaks, blockages, and sewage releases to homes, businesses, and streets.

Project Area

The Hillsdale South Project is one of three sewer repair projects planned for the Hillsdale area. Environmental Services is in the early stages of planning and design for the Middle and North sections. A construction date for these sections is not currently known, but it is anticipated that this work will take place following the completion of the South section.

Hillsdale South Sewer Repair Project Map


Construction has finished, and crews are now focused on restoration work and project area cleanup. The schedule is subject to change due to a variety of factors, including conditions underground, weather, subcontractor schedules, materials availability, and other factors. The city’s COVID-19 emergency response and the air quality are factors that may impact the schedule. 

Week of November 16

Crews will work on final restoration items at the following locations:

  • SW Troy Street Between SW 35th and SW 36th avenues
  • SW 32nd Avenue between SW Capitol Highway and SW Miles Street
  • SW Barbur Boulevard at SW 22nd Avenue

Week of November 23

Crews will work on final restoration items at the following location: 

  • SW Barbur Boulevard at SW 22nd Avenue 

What's Happening Now?

Crews are completing pavement restoration and finishing up final clean up and "punchlist" items.  Please note that paving can't occur during wet weather or when it is very cold. Because weather during the fall and winter can change suddenly, final pavement restoration efforts may occur with little or no notice. We will strive to get pavement restoration completed as soon as possible, but it is difficult to schedule this work predictably in advance.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Construction Hours

Construction hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The contractor may schedule work during the same hours on Saturdays if needed. The Portland Noise Office approved night work for three locations within the project boundaries. Homes and businesses near these locations will receive a separate notification before night work takes place.

Construction Methods

This project will include both trenchless and trench excavation methods:

  • Open Trench Pipe Repair: The contractor digs a trench, installs a new pipe, fills in the trench, and restores the street to its previous condition.
  • Pipe Lining (CIPP): Through a manhole, the contractor inserts a flexible liner into the existing pipe.  The liner hardens to seal cracks and form a new smooth pipe.
  • Pipe Bursting: The contractor pushes a bursting head into the sewer line to break apart the existing pipe while pulling a new pipe into place behind it.

For more details and photos of construction methods click here.

What to Expect During Construction

You can expect the following activities and impacts during construction:

  • Traffic Delays: Expect traffic delays in and near the work area.
  • Driveway Access: Construction may temporarily block your driveway when crews are working in front of your property.
  • No Parking: Little or no on-street parking will be allowed in and near work zones, especially during work hours.
  • Equipment Storage: Equipment and materials may be stored on nearby streets overnight.
  • Services Maintained: Sewer, water, and other utilities are expected to remain in service during construction.
  • Assistance: A city inspector will be on-site during work hours and may be able to assist you with an immediate need during construction.
  • Emergency: In the event of a sewer emergency or backup, call the City Maintenance hotline at 503-823-1700; it is staffed all hours and all days.
  • Translation: For translated material about what to expect during construction, please visit

Items in the Right-of-Way

Most sewer repair activities during this project will occur in the public right-of-way. It is important that property owners understand that the public right-of-way extends all the way to the property line, and in many cases in SW Portland, what may appear as a front yard or planting strip is actually the public right-of-way. Items located in the right-of-way may be disturbed by construction, including irrigation systems, hard landscaping (stone, concrete, steel, brick, pavers, garden boxes, edging, retaining walls, or other construction materials), soft landscaping (trees, plants, shrubs, flowers, flower beds, grass, bark and the like) and other amenities.

These items will not be restored or replaced if disturbed by construction. However, once construction is complete, they will repair or replace sidewalks and curbs as needed. The city will also replace topsoil and grass seed in the planting strip, and any street trees that were removed. Please remove any items you wish to keep that are located in the right-of-way before construction begins near you.

What We've Heard From You

Residents have recently asked about the condition of their street following sewer pipe repair. Please note that the project is still active and there is usually a break between construction and final paving, which could be a few to several weeks, depending on weather and other factors. After replacing the sewer pipes in a street, crews will backfill the trenches and apply temporary asphalt patches. After all work has passed inspection, crews will return to restore the patched trenches with final paving.

For More Information

If you would like more information about the project or have questions and concerns you’d like to discuss, please call or email:

Joe Tursi

Community Outreach 

Phone: 503-823-5753


If you have a concern or question about a pipe repair near you, please be sure to include your name, property address and project name (Hillsdale South) in your voicemail and email so we can provide you more details about what to expect in front of your property. Also, please write "Hillsdale South" in the subject line of your email. Click SIGN UP to sign up for periodic email updates.