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NW Flanders Sewer Capacity Project

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Updated July 28, 2020

Environmental Services is preparing to replace and up-size 540 feet of 130-year-old public sewer pipes in NW Flanders Street between NW 12th and 14th avenues. The sewer improvements will increase sewer capacity, alleviate basement sewer backups and street flooding, and help protect public health and the environment.

The sewer pipes will be constructed as part of the Flanders Crossing pedestrian bridge project being designed and built by the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT). Coordinating sewer improvements with the pedestrian bridge project will minimize disruptions to the public.


Sewer repair work in NW Flanders is anticipated to begin in September 2020 and to be completed by December 2020.

This schedule refers only to the sewer repair work. Please contact the PBOT representative for the Flanders Crossing pedestrian bridge schedule (see below for contact).

NW Flanders Sewer Capacity Project Map

What’s Happening Now?

You may have seen crews in the area gathering information to help engineers define repair locations, select construction methods, and determine how to minimize construction impacts on residents. Activities included surveying of public utilities and street elevations, conducting manhole inspections and video inspections of sewer pipes, and placing temporary paint markings on the pavement to mark locations of sewer pipes and other underground utilities. Details about what the utility locate colors mean are available online at

Construction Methods

Environmental Services will use the pipe bursting method to replace and upsize the public sewer pipes. Pipe bursting is a trenchless method that involves digging an access pit and inserting a bursting head into the existing sewer line. The bursting head is pushed through the old pipe and a new pipe is pulled into place behind it. Construction crews retrieve the bursting head from a second access pit. Learn more about this construction method at

What to Expect During Construction

The contractor will develop detailed traffic control plans before construction begins. You can expect the following activities and impacts:

  • Noise, Vibration, and Dust: Construction creates noise, vibration, and dust and disrupts normal neighborhood activity.
  • Equipment Storage: Equipment and materials may be stored on streets overnight.
  • No Parking: Little or no on‐street parking will be allowed in and near work zones, especially during work hours.
  • Traffic Delays: Expect traffic delays in and near the work area.
  • Street Closure: The work in NW Flanders may require a temporary street closure. If so, a signed detour will be in place and work hours will be restricted.
  • Cross-Street Closures: Work at intersections on NW Flanders may require temporary cross-street closures, with local access the next block up from the closure on that cross street.
  • Pedestrian Access: If temporary crosswalk and sidewalk closures are necessary, signage will indicate the alternate way for pedestrians to proceed.
  • Services Maintained: Sewer, water, and other utilities are expected to remain in service during construction.
  • Garbage Pickup: Access to garbage and recycling bins for haulers will always be maintained.
  • Translation: For translated material about what to expect during construction, please visit

Adjacent Projects in Northwest Portland 

Several city construction projects are occurring in and around your neighborhood. To learn more about these projects and to sign up for project updates, visit the webpages below by clicking on the project name.

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For More information

Environmental Services is committed to keeping residents and businesses informed. We encourage you to sign up now for email updates about the project, construction schedule, and what to expect as the project develops. If you have questions or comments, or if you would like more information, please contact Joe Tursi at 503-823-5753 or

To learn more about PBOT’s Flanders Crossing pedestrian bridge project, visit the project webpage at or contact Nicole Peirce at 503-823-6186 or at

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns related to business operations, disability issues, medical or business deliveries, or other concerns. We appreciate your communication and want to hear from you.

Thank you for your cooperation during this important sewer project.