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Public comment is requested on proposed 2020 Source Control Manual and changes to Administrative Rule ENB-4.15

Comments must be received by 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 11, 2020.

Screenshot of SCM coverFor more information — Laura Johnson at 503-823-7192 or email at

The City of Portland is updating its Source Control Manual and Administrative Rule ENB-4.15. The SCM provides structural, treatment, and operational requirements to prevent pollution of soil, groundwater, and surface waters. The SCM applies to site activities including:

  • Waste storage areas
  • Food cart pods
  • Covered vehicle parking
  • Material transfer and loading docks
  • Aboveground storage, processing, or transfer of liquids
  • Fuel transfer and fuel dispensing areas
  • Equipment or vehicle washing facilities
  • Motorized vehicle or equipment storage and repair
  • Exterior storage or processing of solid materials
  • Contaminated site requirements
  • Site dewatering requirements

How can I learn more about the changes?

The proposed 2020 SCM and supporting materials are posted below. There will be two online informational sessions regarding updates to the manual. Registration is required.

Note: The presentations are very similar. If you are unable to attend the General Overview presentation, please feel free to attend the Small Business Oriented Presentation.

Recorded presentations will be posted here following the sessions. 

Request a public hearing

Environmental Services will hold an online public hearing by request only from 2-3 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 10. To request a public hearing, send an email to Environmental Services must receive a request to hold a public hearing no later than 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 25, 2020 or the hearing will be canceled. Notice of the cancellation will be posted here.

How can I comment on the proposed 2020 SCM?

You can comment on the proposed 2020 SCM:

For questions or more information

Please contact Laura Johnson at 503-823-7192 or email

What are the changes to ENB 4.15?

Environmental Services is proposing an update to Administrative Rule ENB-4.15 (Environmental Services' Enforcement Program) to address a drafting error in a July 2019 rulemaking. The changes proposed are limited to one sentence under Section 9 of ENB-4.15 (Administrative Review). The proposed language matches provisions already in other rules revised in July 2019, regarding the timing of issuance of written final determinations for administrative reviews of Environmental Services decisions. The proposed language includes:

  • Changing the default timeline for issuance of a final determination after an administrate review meeting from 10 business days to 15 business days.
  • Revising the same sentence to include an opportunity for Environmental Services to extend the time line to issue a final determination if Environmental Services determines that extenuating circumstances justify a reasonably longer period of evaluation.
  • The sentence was revised to include, “unless BES determines that extenuating circumstances justify a reasonably longer period of evaluation” and removed “unless an extension is agreed to by all parties."

No other changes are proposed.

How can I comment on the changes to ENB-4.15?

To comment on the changes to ENB-4.15, use the SmartSheet form or email comments to Please include "ENB 4.15 Draft Comments" in the subject line.