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SE Stark Trunk Sewer Project

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The City of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services is continuing our work to repair and replace critical sewer and stormwater infrastructure. Environmental Services will continue to provide information and updates on construction schedules and activities during the COVID-19 emergency. 

Updated May 18, 2020

Environmental Services – your sewer and stormwater utility – is designing a project to repair a section of large concrete sewer pipe along SE Stark Street between SE 3rd Avenue and the Willamette River. This section of pipe is part of a sewer known as the Stark Trunk. It was built in 1911 to manage sanitary sewage and stormwater from a large area of Northeast and Southeast Portland.

The trunk is now showing signs of deterioration and needs to be repaired. The sewer and stormwater improvements will extend the service life of the trunk by 50 years or more, increase sewer resiliency to earthquake damage, and help prevent sewage releases to buildings and streets

Construction is expected to start in late 2022 and should take about a year to complete.


While proposed pipe work is on SE Stark Avenue is between SE 3rd Avenue and the Willamette River, the project team will also be collecting information about underground utilities and soil conditions between SE 3rd and 12th avenues for future projects.

Stark Trunk Project Map

What’s Happening Now

Beginning early June and continuing periodically over the summer, work crews will be drilling small holes in the pavement in order to take soil samples within the project area. Information gathered will help designers understand the underground conditions surrounding the proposed pipe work locations and help determine construction materials and methods. Crews will also be taking samples on SE Stark Street between 3rd and 12th avenues to collect soil information for future projects not yet in design.

What to Expect

  • Work Hours: Soil sampling will occur Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Crews will work at multiple locations a day.
  • Utility Locating and Marking. Survey crews will locate and mark underground utilities by painting stripes or placing colored flags in appropriate areas. This will happen multiple times over the life of the project. Each color indicates what is buried below. Blue for water, yellow for natural gas, green for sewer, etc.
  • Temporary lane restrictions. Crews may need to work in or near traffic lanes.  This may lead to short lane restrictions.  Please drive with caution and comply with signs and flaggers. Barricades may be placed to reserve parking for the equipment or drilling for a short time.
  • Brief periods of noise, dust and mild vibration during drilling. Work at each location will last four to eight hours. The holes will be six to eight inches in diameter and will be filled immediately after the drilling is completed. You may notice brief periods of noise, dust, and mild vibration.

How To Stay Informed

Environmental Services will work directly with the community throughout the course of the project. Community outreach staff will listen to your suggestions and respond to your concerns. We encourage you to:

Sewer Emergencies

In the event of a sewer backup or basement flooding, call the Maintenance hotline immediately at 503-823-1700. It is staffed all hours and all days, 24/7.