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SE Ankeny Green Street

Southeast Ankeny Green Street ProjectAnkeny Green Street

SE Ankeny Street is served by a sewer system that collects stormwater from streets and driveways and sewage from homes in the same pipe. When it rains, these combined sewers fill to capacity and overflow to the Willamette River.
Landscaped curb extensions in SE Ankeny that capture stormwater runoff before it enters the sewer help reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs). The curb extensions are between SE 56th and 57th Avenues on each side of the street uphill of the storm drain inlets. When stormwater flows into the landscaped areas, it slows down and soaks into the ground while wetland plants filter pollutants. Landscaped curb extensions clean stormwater and reduce the amount  that flows into the sewers.
Project Goal
The SE Ankeny Green Street is an example of how the City can redesign residential streets to manage stormwater effectively, stop sewer backups into basements, reduce CSOs and improve neighborhood aesthetics. Environmental Services is planning more green street projects throughout Portland to improve livability.
Although green street curb extensions have many environmental benefits, replacing asphalt with landscaping can eliminate parking spaces. Curb extensions can also change traffic flow.
Site Maintenance
The AnkenyGreen Street project uses low-growing plants adaptable to a variety of conditions to minimize maintenance. The facility needs maintenance about four times a year in the first two years after construction. Work includes removing debris, weeding, watering and replacing plants. The City is responsible for maintenance but welcomes any help from neighbors with weeding or watering, especially during hot weather.
Contact Information
For information about Green Street projects, contact Emily Hauth at at 503-823-7378 or email