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The City of Portland, Oregon

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2015 MS4 Permit Renewal Application

Permit Renewal Submittal (2015) 

Links to the City of Portland and Port of Portland renewal submittals are provided below. 

2015 Permit Renewal Submittal

Included within the City of Portland Section Part 1:  

I.     Overview of Permit Renewal Submittal                                 

II.    Public Review and Comment on the Proposed Stormwater Management Plan

III.   Proposed Stormwater Management Plan                                        

IV.   Pollutant Load and Source Information (including Non-Stormwater Discharges Evaluation)

V.    Water Quality Trend Analysis                                                  

VI.   Benchmarks (Methodology and Assumptions, Results) 

VII.  Program/SWMP Evaluation and Update                                  

VIII. 303(d) Evaluation                                                                                  


Maps Appendix

Note that maps provide combined information for both co-permittees.

Map A: Zoning (including Public Parks and Open Spaces)

 And Runoff Coefficients (Map A1, Map A2, Map A3, Map A4)

Map B: Major Structural Controls (Map B1, Map B2, Map B3, Map B4)

Map C: Population Density and Projected Growth (Map C1, Map C2, Map C3, Map C4)

Map D: Municipal Storm Sewer System Outfalls (Map D1, Map D2, Map D3, Map D4)

Map E: NPDES Permits, Landfills and Municipal Waste TSDs (Map E1, Map E2, Map E3, Map E4)

NPDES Permit Holders (table)

Interim Evaluation Report (2006)

As required by the current (2005) permit, the Portland co-permittees submitted an Interim Evaluation Report (IER) to DEQ in May 2006.  The IER includes the SWMPs that the co-permittees are currently implementing, other required information, and maps similar to those updated in the 2008 renewal submittal.

I.   Stormwater Management Plan Executive Summary

II.  Public Review And Comment on the Stormwater Management Plan

III. Stormwater Management Plan

IV. Development And Evaluation of the Stormwater Management Plan (Non-stormwater discharges   evaluation, benchmarks, monitoring)



NPDES Permit Holders (table)

Stormwater-Related Programs

  • BES Stormwater Related Programs (Sustainable Stormwater Management Program (includes Green Streets policy and reports), Clean Rivers Education Program, Watershed Revegetation Program, Industrial Stormwater Program)
  • Maintenance Inspection Program (for private stormwater management facility operations and maintenance) 

Stormwater-Related City Code