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Worksheet Instructions

How to use the Rate Calculation Worksheet

Calculate sewer rates for your food service establishment according to your business class and by which Best Management Practices (BMPs) are in place that help you qualify for a rate discount. It is helpful to have your City of Portland Water/Sewer bill available to find the information you need to complete the worksheet.

Open the Rate Calculation Worksheet here

Step 1: Enter Your Account Number

Enter your Water/Sewer Account Number on Line 5, Row A. Your account number is optional but it is handy to include in case you need to contact the city about your account or if you are managing rate charges from multiple accounts.

Step 2: Determine Your Net Total Flow

From your Water/Sewer bill, find your "Sewer Volume/Usage in CCF." From this number, subtract amounts (if any) that are credited for water that is not discharged to the sanitary sewer. Enter the resulting total in the green box on Line 5, row "E" next to the red numeral "1." This is your net total flow subject to Extra Strength Service Charges.

Step 3: Enter Percentage of Flow by Business Class Rate Option

Food service establishments are listed on the Rate Calculation Worksheet by business class and according to which BMPs are in place. Find the class and rate option which best matches your business and BMPs. Enter the total percentage of flow in the green box in Row "E." next to the correct rate option. For accounts that serve a single business, this entry should be "100" representing 100% of the flow. If the account serves multiple businesses, flow may be apportioned on separate lines by entering the appropriate percentage of total flow for each business.

Step 4: Find your Rate Charge Calculation

After the above information is added to the Rate Calculation Worksheet, resulting charges for Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) will be automatically displayed at the bottom of the worksheet on Line 116 and on Line 117.

For additional help in calculating your rates or for any questions about how rates are applied, please contact Cut Through the FOG at or by calling 503-823-7124.