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Palatine Subwatershed Facts

  • Palatine SubwatershedCovers 792 acres
  • 92 acres are within the City of Portland
  • 561 acres are within unincorporated Multnomah County
  • 139 acres are within Clackamas County
  • About three miles of natural Willamette River bank
  • Almost three miles of open stream channels
  • 23 acres of parks and open space
  • Impervious area, mostly streets, covers about 15% of the watershed
  • A significant number of large trees are distributed throughout the subwatershed on large-lot residential properties
  • Oregon white oak (Quercus garryanna) and Pacific madrone (Arbutus menziesii) communities are found along the bluffs above the Willamette River
  • Special Status plant species in the subwatershed include white rock larkspur (Delphinium leucophaeum), Howell's montia (Montia howellii), Oregon sullivantia (Sullivantia oregana) and Columbia watermeal (Wolffia columbiana)
  • Special Status animal species found here include bald eagle, peregrine falcon, Northern river otter, silver-haired bat
  • The proximity to the river and high quality habitats such as Oaks Bottom to the north, Tryon Creek State Natural Area to the west, and Elk Rock Island to the east, positions the Palatine subwatershed in the center of a significant bird and wildlife habitat corridor
  • Palatine SubwatershedA series of wetlands cover two acres on private properties along SW Fielding Road