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The City of Portland, Oregon

Environmental Services

working for clean rivers

Phone: 503-823-7740

Fax: 503-823-6995

1120 SW 5th Ave, Suite 613, Portland, OR 97204

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How to Register

Register Online—
If you are signing up a single-family home or duplex, you may register online. 

  1. Log onto Portland Online.
  2. Select "Clean River Rewards" from the list on the left side of the screen.
  3. Follow the instructions and register for Clean River Rewards.

All other account classes must register using the Commercial Registration Form below. Please call 503-823-1371 for additional assistance.

Register by Mail

If you prefer to register by mail, download the residential or commercial registration form or call 503-823-1371 to order a registration packet. Mail completed forms to:

Clean River Rewards
PO Box 4216
Portland, Oregon 97208-4216

Print a copy of the registration form or call 503-823-1371 to have a copy mailed to you. Fill it out ahead of time to use as a reference for internet registrations.

  • Residential Registration Form: The single family residential form is short and simple. Identify how you manage stormwater runoff from your roof and count the number of trees on your property that are at least 15 feet tall. Click here for further instructions.
  • Commercial Registration Form: The commercial registration is more detailed. You need to measure building footprints and any paved areas on your property. Your commercial utility bill includes the billed impervious area for each property as a reference. You will need to count the number of trees on your property that are taller than 15 feet.

Need Additional Help?

Call 503-823-1371 to request additional assistance.

Having trouble paying your city utility bill? The city offers assistance for qualified households. Please call the Portland Water Bureau at 503-823-7770 for additional information.

Discount Calculators

Use the discount calculators to help determine how much of a discount you qualify for, and how much your discount improves as you increase your stormwater management. The commercial discount calculator is a Microsoft Excel document, so you must have MS Excel installed to use this calculator. The first Excel worksheet of the commercial calculator has the calculator instructions.

Residential Calculator: If you have a single family or duplex property, use the residential calculator. For residential properties, the discount is based on how much of your roof runoff you manage on your property. There are additional credits (not to exceed the maximum 100% discount on the on-site stormwater charges) for additional stormwater management options if you cannot manage all of your roof runoff.

Commercial Calculator: Download the commercial calculator if you have a multifamily (3 or more units), commercial, industrial or institutional property. For commercial properties, the discount is based on how much and how well you manage stormwater runoff from roof and paved areas. You will need to know your total square footage of impervious areas (roofs, paved areas, parking lots, pathways), what kind of stormwater management facilities you have on site, how much developed area each stormwater management facility manages, and the size of each stormwater management facility.

The questions on the calculators are similar to those on the registration form.