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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Technical Assistance

Thank you for your interest in Clean River Rewards. Chances are you already have some ideas for how and where you would like to manage stormwater on your site. Whether it’s incorporating a stormwater facility into existing landscaped areas, or creating a more complex method of stormwater management, the following tools are intended to help you make safe and effective stormwater management decisions.

Clean River Rewards offers on-site technical assistance that can help ratepayers determine suitable stormwater options for their site.

If you would like to schedule a site assessment, or have questions about how to manage your stormwater with rain gardens or other options, please contact or call 503-823-1371.

Other free or fee-supported stormwater educational opportunities include:

Site Assessment

Site Assessment Guide: The site assessment guide will help property owners assess their site for stormwater management retrofits. The guide provides step by step details to help you determine site specific conditions that will influence the stormwater facility that best fits your site and budget. The guide provides several reference examples. This is an important resource that is best used after reading the site assessment guide. PortlandMaps can give you property information including aerial photos, zoning information, potential site hazards and soil drainage characteristics. The maps, stormwater management and Clean River Rewards tabs are especially useful for developing your site plan.

Discount Calculators: These calculators help you perform a simple cost/benefit analysis before you make any final stormwater management decisions. Use the calculators to help determine how much of the Clean River Rewards discount you will qualify for by incorporating stormwater management solutions on your property.

Stormwater Facility Design

Residential Retrofits: "How to" guides for the most common residential stormwater retrofits provide step by step detail starting with site assessment and facility design and include construction and maintenance considerations.

How to Disconnect a Downspout: A video guide to safely disconnecting your downspouts. 

How to Build a Rain Garden: This video gives you guidelines and instructions for building a rain garden in Portland.

Stormwater Management Manual: This manual has technical drawings of stormwater management principles and techniques. If you are designing a stormwater facility that needs permits, your facility will need to meet these specifications. The manual provides information on facility requirements including design, sizing, permitting, and maintenance.

Professional Referral List: If you would like help with facility design and construction, the professional referral list has contact information of design professionals and contractors who have attended a city-sponsored stormwater retrofit training. As with any contracted work, check references and license status. Contractors working in the State of Oregon must be licensed by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board. For more information, call 503-378-4261 or visit Plumbing contractors must be licensed by the State Plumbing Board. Call 503-378-1268 for more information.

Stormwater Retrofit Permits and Inspections: Some stormwater retrofit projects require city permits and inspections. This brochure provides information that will help determine what, if any, city permits you need for your project.

Operations and Maintenance

Proper facility maintenance will increase the longevity and function of your stormwater facilities. Although most permitted stormwater facilities are required to have an operations and maintenance plan, there are several resources to assist property owners with guidelines for maintenance and inspection protocol.

Maintenance for Homeowners: This flyer describes general maintenance activities that help keep your disconnected downspout and simple stormwater management retrofit in working shape.

Maintaining Stormwater Management Facilities on Private Property: Generally speaking, commercial and industrial stormwater management facilities require more regular maintenance because of the larger facility size and complexity of the stormwater management systems. This guide includes detailed information on properly maintaining your stormwater facilities.

Maintenance Guidance for Wildlife in Stormwater Facilities: For facilities that include native vegetation such as vegetated swales or ponds, this reference will help determine maintenance procedures when wildlife impact is a concern.

Stormwater Management Manual: For further information on proper maintenance for stormwater facilities, please refer to the Operation and Maintenance section of this manual. It is especially useful if you are retrofitting your property with a facility that requires the submittal of an Operation and Maintenance form during permitting.

Additional Resources

Environmental Services stormwater programs provide a variety of technical assistance, including competitive grant funding. Other city bureaus, non-profits and other organizations have additional resources that may be useful for stormwater retrofits. If you would like information mailed to you, please call Clean River Rewards at 503-823-1371.