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Party Sewer Examples

party sewer connectionTypes of Party Sewers

Two or more private sewer laterals that join in a single pipe before connecting to the public sewer in the public right-of-way are known as party sewers.

With a party sewer, at least one of the private sewer laterals crosses into a neighboring property to join in a single pipe that connects to the public sewer line.

When a private lateral crosses a neighbor's property line before connecting to the sewer, it is a nonconforming sewer connection.

It's not uncommon for property owners with nonconforming sewer connections to be unaware of the problem. The best way to find out is to hire a private plumber to scope your private sewer lateral. The charge for this service typically ranges from $100 to $200. Make sure the plumber gives you a DVD* recording of the scope. 

Party Sewer with Public Sewer Available

party sewer connectionIn the diagrams on this page, the property connected directly to the public sewer is the host property. Properties without a direct connection to the public sewer are guest properties. 

Party Sewer with No Public Sewer Available

Many properties with party sewer connections have access to a

public sewer, but in some cases no public sewer line is directly

available to the guest properties. 

*DVD copies cannot be returned.