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The City of Portland, Oregon

Environmental Services

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South Irvington Sewer Extension Project

Environmental Services has completed South Irvington Sewer Extension Project.

Project Benefits

Environmental Services constructed 1,060 feet of public sewer pipe and 460 feet of sewer laterals that will provide 17 properties direct and independent connections to the public sewer. This work is part of the City of Portland’s effort to provide residents with sewer connections that comply with city code. The project will also help protect public health, property, and the environment by increasing the capacity of the public sewer system, reducing the potential for basement backups, and reducing the likelihood of emergency maintenance work in the future. 

Did You Know?

Below are three terms that apply to sewer extension projects:


A nonconforming sewer is a sewer connection that doesn't conform to state and city plumbing codes. Nonconforming connections are typically two or more private sewer lines that use a single branch to connect to the public sewer, or a private sewer that extends beyond the property boundary into the public right-of-way to connect with the public sewer. Click here for more information.


The area between the curb and the sidewalk (planting strip) is part of the public right-of-way. In some areas, sewer repair crews may need to access and work in the right-of-way, and construction may disturb items in the right-of-way. The city retains the authority to use that area on behalf of the public. Where work will occur in the planting strip, the city will notify adjacent property owners.


A service lateral is a pipe that connects a residence or business to the main sewer line. Maintaining the portion of pipe between the building and the curb is the property owner's responsibility. The city is responsible for maintaining the branch, which is the portion from the curb to the main line. This project will construct a new public sewer main line extension and branches that will provide nonconforming properties a separate, direct connection to the new public sewer main line in the street. Each nonconforming property will then be required to connect their private sewer service lateral to the new branch.

For More Information

Contact Matt Gough at 503-823-5352.