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Environmental Services

working for clean rivers

Phone: 503-823-7740

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1120 SW 5th Avenue, Room 1000, Portland, OR 97204

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Terminal 1 (2400 NW Front Avenue)

Terminal 1 photo

Terminal 1 aerial photo

Environmental Services owns the property and structures at 2400 NW Front Avenue. The bureau no longer needs the property and structures for ongoing operations.

ADDRESS (linked to Google Map) 2400 NW Front Avenue, Portland, OR 97209
PORTLAND MAPS 2400 NW Front Avenue Assessor Data
2400 NW Front Avenue Sewer Information
Site Details: This is a large paved lot with a 96,000 square
foot warehouse. The warehouse has 22’ clearance and 8 dock
high doors and 3 doors at grade. Site has an underground
easement restricting load levels and pilings depths to protect
the CSO tunnel that runs northwest through the property.
Reason for Intent to Dispose: Environmental Services no
longer needs the property for on-going operations and it is
excess to the bureau’s needs, except for ongoing maintenance
of sewer infrastructure within the established easement areas.
Square footage630,749 square feet with 156,800 square foot pier
Acres: Approximately 14.48 land, 3.6 for pier
Tax ID #: R269775
County: Multnomah
Zone: IH (Heavy Industrial)
Overlay Zone: IS (Industrial Sanctuary)
PROPERTY STATUS Stage 12 (see stage descriptions below)
APPRAISAL No Recent Appraisals
Letter of No Further Action
DEQ Terminal 1 website
Pier Inspection and Condition Assessment
Buyer to verify availability of existing driveway aprons.
Buyer to verify existing property line and fencing locations.
Buyer to verify pier condition and usability.
Buyer to investigate all federal, state, and local government
laws and regulations pertaining to development or use of the
site, including, but not limited to, zoning and building restrictions.
CONDITIONS OF SALE BES: Complete lot line adjustment, record sewer protection easements. (example of CSO easement)
Buyer: None
Other Conditions: Property is subject to easements of record.
CONTACT  Scott MacLean
Office: 503-542-5891
1     Property Declared Surplus
Environmental Services determines it
no longer needs the property and structures
for ongoing needs and they are excess
to the bureau's needs. 
2   8/20/2013  Inter-Bureau Transfer or Sale
Environmental Services offers the property
for  transfer or sale to other city bureaus.
3   4/14/2014  External Notification
Ten days after Environmental Services
offers the property for sale to other city
bureaus, the bureau provides a notice
of available property for sale to Metro and
surrounding county agencies, the State of
Oregon, and affected neighborhood coalitions
and associations.
4   Not Requested Extension Opportunity
Request for extension by a city bureau.
5   4/14/2014  Website Announcement
Environmental Services identifies the
available surplus property on the bureau
surplus property website at as being for sale.
6 4/14/2014    Signage
Environmental Services places an information sign
on the property identifying it as surplus, available for
acquisition, and listed for sale to the public if not acquired
by a public agency. The sign is posted for a minimum
of 45 days.
7 Not Requested Not Requested Extension Opportunity
Request for extension from neighborhood association.
8   4/13/2014
DJC and Oregonian 
Printed Notification
A printed public notice is placed in at least one community
newspaper that reaches residents in the area in which the
property is located no later than 30 days after the information
sign is posted on the property.
9   8/27/2014
City Council Declares Property Surplus
After the informational sign has been posted for a minimum
of 45 days and no public agency has expressed interest in
acquiring the property, Environmental Services prepares a
non-emergency ordinance to be placed on the regular
City Council agenda. The ordinance asks council to declare
the property surplus and authorize Environmental Services
to proceed with a public sale.
10    9/24/2014 Notice to Sale
Upon the effective date of a council ordinance authorizing the
sale, Environmental Services may proceed to sell the property,
with or without a real estate agent, for an asking price
determined to be reasonable by the bureau's property manager.
11     Pre-Authorized Properties
For any properties already authorized for sale by council,
Environmental Services shall, prior to the sale, conduct notice
in Stage 1 (above) and proceed to sale in Stage 5 (above).
12  11/2/2016   Property Listed
Property relisted.
13     Property Sale

Environmental Services will update this webpage as the property moves through the process. This information is provided for reference only and is not intended to satisfy the due diligence needs of any entity. The City of Portland makes no representation or warranty as to its accuracy or completeness.