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The City of Portland, Oregon

Environmental Services

working for clean rivers

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What the Scores Mean

Scoring scale with F=0 and A+=10A healthy urban watershed has conditions and functions that protect human health and support a diversity of native fish, birds and other wildlife.

On the report cards scale, each indicator - like E. Coli or water temperature - receives a score from 0 to 10 or F to A+.

Graphic: Scale of 0-3Not properly functioning. D- or F, or a score of 3 or lower, means the indicator is providing little to no function to support a healthy watershed. This doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. In some cases, new projects or programs may make a big difference.

Graphic: Scale 3-8Scores between 3 and 8 mean the indicator is providing some function to support healthy watershed conditions. But it may take continued protection or improvement to meet regulatory standards or local goals, or prevent further decline.

Graphic: Scale 8-10Properly functioning. A, or a score of 8-10, represents a healthy, functioning condition. Although it's possible to achieve an A in an urban environment, that doesn’t necessarily mean we've restored the watershed to its pristine, wilderness conditions. It may give us a good idea, though, of what resources we need to protect.

The range of values for “properly functioning” condition and “not properly functioning” condition is specific to each indicator. For example, a potential score of 10 for water temperature is based on regulations and scientific information about what temperatures support salmon and other native fish.