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Dickinson Park Stream Enhancement Project

Environmental Services and Portland Parks & Recreation are designing a stream restoration project on three acres of forested land in Dickinson Park in the Fanno Creek watershed. The city purchased the land in 2012 to preserve it as a natural area.

Dickinson Park project mapThe parcel contains headwaters of two tributaries to South Ash Creek. The work will include removing a spring box, pipes, a foot bridge and other structures and restoring natural stream function.

Construction Update

Construction on a joint Environmental Services and Portland Parks & Recreation project at Dickinson Park is going to be delayed until Summer 2018 due to scheduling constraints. The stream restoration project, which was initially scheduled for construction this year, is on three acres of forested land that is now part of Dickinson Park in the Fanno Creek Watershed.  

Because the project includes work in an open channel, Environmental Services follows the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s guidelines for in-water work. The guidelines have been put in place to minimize impacts to important fish, wildlife and habitat resources. Construction in stream corridors is generally only permitted in the dry seasons, and outside of certain vulnerable life stages of fish including migration, spawning and rearing. While this small tributary stream does not currently have sensitive or protected anadromous and other game fish, working in the summers helps to reduce downstream impacts and disturbance. 

foot bridge to be removedProject Goals

There are 650 feet of open stream channel and the headwaters of two tributaries to South Ash Creek on the work site. Small, intact headwater streams naturally help control flooding, recharge groundwater, trap sediments and pollution, recycle nutrients, and provide habitat. Summer flows from the streams sustain fish and wildlife downstream.

The project will:

  • pump house to be removedRemove a pipe and restore about 68 feet of stream to provide natural function and stabilize streambanks
  • Create wetland and floodplain benches next to the stream channel
  • Remove a pump house, footbridge, pipes and other structures to restore natural stream processes and function
  • Connect the stream to the floodplain and protect the stream channel
  • Plant native shrubs and trees to keep the stream cool and provide wildlife habitat

Environmental Services Watershed Revegetation Program worked at the site in February 2015, planting 3,000 tree and shrub seedlings. Better stream function and floodplain interaction will improve aquatic habitat, protect the streambed and banks from erosion, and improve water quality.

For More Information

Contact Lisa Moscinski, 503-823-3663