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The City of Portland, Oregon

Environmental Services

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Project Overview

Environmental Services is designing projects in the South Portland and South Burlingame neighborhoods to repair or replace 10,800 feet, or 2 miles, of public sewer pipes that are on average 90 years old and in deteriorating condition. The South Portland-Burlingame Sewer Repair Project will help protect public health, water quality, and the environment by reducing the possibility of sewage releases to homes, businesses, and streets.

The project will also install new manholes and storm drain inlets where needed, repair existing manholes and storm drain inlets, and replace some public sewer connections to private properties from the main line in the street to the curb.

Project Area

The project map below indicates where sewer repair work may occur in the South Portland-Burlingame Sewer Repair Project. Environmental Services is inspecting the sewer system at these location to determine pipe and manhole conditions, system needs and capacity, sewer connection issues, and other factors that will help engineers design the project. For information about the Hillsdale Sewer Repair Projects, click here.

Project Map


Construction of Phase 1 is anticipated to begin in September 2019 and take a year to complete. The construction schedule for Phase 2 is to be determined.

Project Phases

Engineers have determined which pipes they can move forward to construct repairs beginning in the fall of 2019. These pipes are labeled Phase 1 on the project map. Engineers have determined that several pipes will require more complex engineering and time to plan and make needed repairs. Factors include difficult access to sewer pipes and manholes, challenging geotechnical and topographical conditions (soils, rocks, sensitive and protected areas), environmental impact reviews, private property coordination, and coordination with other projects to reduce traffic impacts. These pipes are labeled Phase 2 on the project map.

A construction timeline for Phase 2 is not yet known. You may still see crews working in Phase 2 locations as they continue to study these more challenging locations and design plans for future sewer repairs.

While Environmental Services will keep the neighborhood informed as Phase 2 develops, our more frequent outreach for South Portland-Burlingame will focus on Phase 1.

Public and Private Property Access

Most of the sewer repair work will occur in the public right-of-way. It’s important that property owners understand that part of their land is deemed "public right-of-way" for streets, sidewalks, utilities, and similar public uses. In the South Portland and South Burlingame neighborhoods, the public right-of-way often extends well into what appears to be private property, including what appears to be private front lawns. Crews will be accessing these areas to inspect, maintain, and repair public sewer pipes and manholes.

Public Sewer Easements

In addition, where the city has public sewer easements, crews may need to access private property for survey, other information-gathering activities, and eventual sewer repairs. City outreach staff will coordinate with affected property owners for access to public sewer pipes and manholes.

Adjacent Projects in Southwest Portland

This area of Southwest Portland will see several sewer repair and stormwater improvement projects over the next few years. Two other large-scale sewer repair projects adjacent to this South Portland-Burlingame project are identified on the map below, including Council Crest-Homestead and Hillsdale projects. These projects are in the early stages of planning. A webpage for Council Crest-Homestead will be developed later this year.

Adjacent Southwest Projects map