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SE 30th Avenue Green Street Project

Updated August 20, 2018

Environmental Services has designed a project to build up to six green street planters to remove stormwater from the sewer system in the Richmond Neighborhood. These improvements will protect public health, property and our environment and reduce the possibility of sewage releases into streets, homes and businesses. Green infrastructure such as green street planters and street trees, slows, filters and prevents stormwater from entering the sewer system.

Construction of the green streets could begin as early as November 2018.

SE 30th Avenue Project Map

What is a green street?

Green streets are rain gardens that collect stormwater runoff from streets and allow water to soak into the ground as soil and vegetation filter pollutants.

Who maintains these new green streets?

The city maintains green streets to ensure that they effectively manage stormwater. Specifically, Environmental Services has a Watershed Revegetation team and/or a contractor to help with over 2,000 green streets all over the city.

The city also welcomes help from the community as part of the Green Street Steward program. Being a part of this program includes simple activities such as, picking up trash, removing leaves and debris, and occasional weeding and watering. It is a rewarding way to contribute to your community and help keep Portland’s rivers clean. If you are interested, call 503-823-8764 or email

How often are they maintained?

For the first couple of years after the plants are installed, the city checks on the planters up to ten times a year to make sure the plants are watered and still alive. Plants are replaced as needed, and invasive weeds are pulled. Sediment, leaves and/or trash are also removed when the city comes by as well. Once the plants are more established, the city comes by less frequently on a seasonal schedule.

For More Information

To receive email updates for this project, send an email to with "30th Avenue" in the subject line. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email Debbie or call at 503-823-2831.