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Workforce Recruitment & Training - February 2020

 Workforce Recruitment & Training

Check out the Represented Short-Term Staffing Guide Click Here


Limited Competitive Process

1. The Hiring Manager or delegate contacts the HRBP and requests a limited competitive process. Limited competitive recruitment processes occur within the bureau or a specific workgroup/unit.

      a. This request should include justification for the limited competitive process and draft recruitment announcement.

2. The HRBP or WRT Leadership drafts and sends the approval memo for the limited competitive process to Processes & Forms, and the Hiring Manager.

3.The Hiring Manager sends the recruitment announcement to the target audience (i.e., bureau or work unit).

4. Employees requesting veteran’s preference provide appropriate documentation to Information regarding the veteran’s preference process must be included in the announcement.  

5. Hiring Manager reviews applications to identify qualified pool based on the minimum qualifications articulated in the announcement.

6. Interviews are conducted including qualified veteran candidates.

7. Once the finalist is determined, the standard hiring process is completed. For Protec 17 and non-represented employees this includes a pay equity analysis.

8. To complete the hire, the recruitment announcement and approval memo are submitted to P&F.


Temporary Recruitment Exception Process

1. The Hiring manager contacts the bureau HR Liaison or Originator and requests a temporary recruitment exception. Temporary Recruitment exceptions are granted to appoint an internal employee to a temporary role due to the following circumstances:

      - The position has been identified as a critical need
      - There is an urgent timeline to fill the position 
     - A recruitment process was attempted or is currently in process (i.e., the position was/is posted and advertised through NEOGOV)

2. The HR Liaison/Originator will send an email request to for approval. This request should include the justification for a temporary recruitment exception.

3. Loan or Halima will send an approval memo, if approved. Processes & Forms and the HRBP assigned to the bureau will be cc’d on the approval memo.

4. The OBPA will upload the approval memo in P&F as a replacement to a Hire Authorization form.

Non-Rep Short-Term Staffing Guide

The purpose of this matrix is to outline the appropriate processes for non-represented short-term staffing needs. See collective bargaining agreements for represented processes. By leveraging competitive processes, existing staff and external applicants can seek opportunities to further their careers with the City of Portland. In an effort to be a destination employer and remain compliant with federal reporting requirements, the Bureau of Human Resources is committed to ensuring equitable and competitive processes for all staffing needs.






Represented Short-Term Staffing Guide

Staffing Guide for Short-Term Reperesented Positions