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Safety Exemptions - Public Records Requests

The safety and well-being of our employees is important, and as a protection measure, the City works diligently to review and interpret public records laws as well as legislative history (background and intent leading to adoption of recent changes via House Bills). 

Request for Public Records Exemption – Personal Safety (ORS 192.368)

Oregon Public Records Law (ORS Chapter 192) requires the City to provide the public the right to inspect and make copies of City public records unless there is a basis for not releasing records and claiming an exemption from disclosure. 

The law allows the City to consider individual requests for exemption from disclosing information when there are personal safety concerns. The law allows for the following personal information to be exempt from disclosure if disclosing the personal information would be a danger to your personal safety or that of a family member residing with you (“Family Member”):

  • Home address
  •  Personal telephone number
  • Personal electronic mail address.

You can make a request to exempt from disclosure the above personal information by providing satisfactory information for the City’s review.

How to Submit A Request

The law requires a written request for exemption. To submit an exemption request, please fill out the Public Record Exemption Request Form below and email it to


Please follow the step-by-step instructions at, and provide all information required to provide evidence sufficient to constitute a danger to the personal safety of you or a Family Member.

Examples of Documents to Submit with a Request for Exemption under ORS 192.368 

Note: the term “Family Member” is a family member who resides with you

  • Documentary evidence, including a written statement, that establishes to the satisfaction of the public body that disclosure of your home address, personal telephone number or personal electronic mail address would constitute a danger to your personal safety or of a Family Member.
  • A declaration, medical records, police reports, or court records showing that the you or a Family Member has been a victim of domestic violence.
  • A criminal citation or an order issued under ORS 133.055 for your protection or the protection of a Family Member.
  • A declaration or police report showing that a law enforcement officer has been contacted concerning domestic violence, other physical abuse, or threatening or harassing letters or telephone calls directed at you or a Family Member.
  • A temporary restraining order or other no-contact order to protect you or a Family Member from future physical abuse.
  • Court records showing that criminal or civil legal proceedings have been filed regarding your physical protection or for a Family Member.
  •  A citation or a court's stalking protective order pursuant to ORS 163.735 or 163.738, issued or obtained for your protection or for a Family Member.
  • A declaration or police report showing that you or a Family Member has been a victim of a person convicted of the crime of stalking or of violating a court's stalking protective order.
  • A conditional release agreement issued under ORS 135.250-260 providing for your protection or for a Family Member.
  • A protective order issued pursuant to ORS 135.873 or 135.970 protecting your or a Family Member’s identity or place of residence.
  • A declaration from a district attorney or deputy district attorney stating that you or a Family Member is scheduled to testify or has testified as a witness at a criminal trial, grand jury hearing or preliminary hearing, and that such testimony places the personal safety of the witness in danger.
  • A court order stating that you or a Family Member is or has been a party, juror, judge, attorney or involved in some other capacity in a trial, grand jury proceeding or other court proceeding, and that such involvement places the personal safety of that individual in danger.

Review of Request; Decision; Further Requester Action

The City will make all efforts to review the request for exemption within five (5) business days. The City may request additional information from you to complete review of the request.

If the exemption is granted, the exemption is effective for five years from the date the request was received. The exempt personal information will not be disclosed except in compliance with a court order, an order from the district attorney’s office, in response to a law enforcement agency request, or with your written consent. A new request for exemption may be made at the end of the five years.

Revocation of Request or Revocation of Exemption

You may at any time revoke the request for exemption or the granted exemption by filing a written statement that disclosure of home address, personal telephone number or personal electronic mail address for you or a Family Member no longer constitutes a danger to personal safety.


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