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The City of Portland implemented the Success Factors Onboarding program on December 10, 2019. This streamlined the onboarding process by ensuring that employees complete all their necessary paperwork before the first day of employment. Each bureau has an assigned Onboarding Administrator (ONBA) to move employees through the onboarding process. As a manager, you are responsible for the following within onboarding: 

  • Onboarding using Success Factors will only be required for external hires (hires not currently working within the City).

  • Ensure that the employee reads through all the required City and bureau-specific rules.

  • Check with your ONBA to see if there are additional tasks you need to do within the onboarding system.

Note: During the online onboarding process, new employees will have the opportunity to request any accommodations needed for when they start. The onboarding program will notify your HRBP, who will reach out to both you and the new employee to initiate the interactive process. The goal is to have all accommodations ready on the new employee’s first day of work.

Beyond Initial Onboarding

Success Factors Onboarding can successfully help the candidate and your bureau complete all the necessary paperwork required, however, onboarding goes beyond the paperwork. Onboarding typically will take 2-3 months when you have a new employee but varies depending on the role.
Once the paperwork is completed, you should continue the onboarding process by considering the following:

  • Schedule a Bureau tour (help the new employee become familiar with their work environment). Provide and discuss the employee's training plan.

  • Schedule one-on-one with the team members.

  • Schedule and check-in on required HR training course (Equity 101, HRAR 2.02, etc.).

  • Ensure the employee is scheduled and attends New Employee Orientation (NEO)

  • Schedule regular check-ins with the employee to discuss progress.

  • Ongoing training and performance feedback. Virtual Learning Best Practice

Every bureau will have a unique Onboarding schedule, please refer to your internal bureau process. You can refer to the Onboarding Toolkit Reference Guide listed in the Onboarding Appendices. 

Checklist for Setting Up Employees to Work Remotely

Designed to assist you with identifying the equipment, materials, and set up required to enable an employee to work remotely for some or all of their scheduled hours.

Onboarding Toolkit Reference Guide

This toolkit is designed to help you, as managers and supervisors, with the new hire process. You will find onboarding benefits, program details, and helpful tools to bring new employees up to speed quickly and effectively.

Virtual Learning Best Practices

We encourage you to think about which of your meeting and training strategies will translate well to a remote setting, which ones won't, and what new approaches you might want to incorporate.