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Pre-Recruitment Process (Preparing the Recruitment)

The pre-recruitment process sets up the entire recruitment for success. In these three steps, we ensure the vacancy has been identified and approved to fill, create an enticing and transparent job announcement, and develop an equitable outreach plan and recruitment plan. 

Step 1:  Identify Vacancy, Evaluate Need, Attain Approval, and Submit Requisition

  • Currently, we are utilizing the Priority Tracker as an approval step for Finance & Equity prior to submitting a requisition. Going forward in 2021, this will be a required workforce planning step, and may look slightly different in procedure

  • Many bureaus have a specific pre-recruitment and approval process, so please ensure you partner with your Operating Bureau Personnel Administrator (OBPA) and Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP). These partners can assist in completing bureau-specific approvals needed to move forward with a recruitment request. Check out our Priority Tracker Checklist

Step 2:  Develop a Job Overview for Job Announcement

As the hiring manager, you should think about what makes a successful candidate and what will help the candidate succeed. The job announcement is the opportunity to attract quality candidates and market the position. Consider this when developing the job announcement and what you want it to reflect.

The Recruiter will schedule an intake meeting to assist you in developing the job overview and minimum qualifications. To prepare for the meeting, please bring:

  • A description of what the job entails, including any specific projects

  • The required and desired core competencies for the job in your own words

Step 3:  Develop Recruitment Plan

  • Your Recruiter will provide tools to give you a better understanding of the demographics of the current workforce, including the percentages of women, people of color, people with disabilities, and other underrepresented communities in each job group.

  • The goal is to create a recruitment plan that attracts qualified candidates, with a focus on ensuring women, people of color, people with disabilities, and other underrepresented communities are included in the applicant pool.

  • You will approve the outreach plan and be able to add additional outreach you deem appropriate for the position.

  • The timeline will outline the time frame for each step in the recruitment and selection process and be included in the job announcement. It is your responsibility to keep the candidates up to date on any changes to the timeline.

Intake Meeting Guide

The Intake Meeting Guide is a tool for Recruiters to utilize during Intake Meetings with Hiring Managers to build strategic partnerships, with the goal of hiring high quality employees and ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Sample Outreach Plan & Recruitment Timeline

Example of an outreach plan and timeline for a recruitment.

Use of a Comparable List

To fill a vacant position when no active eligible list exists for that position’s classification but another eligible list exists where applicants tested for substantially similar skills.

Pre-Recruitment Terminology Glossary

Glossary of recruitment terms

Priority Tracker Checklist

The Priority tracker is an excel sheet saved on the OneDrive platform that is shared with the BHR Recruitment support team and bureaus to post their current vacancy approvals

Requisition Template

Template for creating a requisition.

Best Practices for Eligible Lists

Best practices for the different types of eligible lists

Bureau Workforce Plan FY 2020-2021

Workforce Plan and template for bureaus

Non-Rep vs Rep Recruitments

Key differences between Non-Represented vs Represented classification recruitments

Pre-Recruitment FAQ

Some frequently asked questions when starting a recruitment