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Recruitment Process

Once the job announcement has been created and approved, the recruitment is ready to be opened for applications. Your Recruiter will ensure the approved outreach plan is implemented. Your partnership is essential in sharing details of the opportunity with prospective applicants. To ensure a positive candidate experience, keep the candidates up to date with any changes to the published timeline. 

 Step 4: Post Position and Implement Recruitment Plan

  • Once the recruitment opens, the recruitment plan will be activated and all outreach will be posted within three business days. The job announcement will be posted on the City's job board at

  • The Recruiter will provide a weekly update of recruitment activity and effectiveness of outreach based on applicants' aggregate demographic data.

  • A review of the demographic data is helpful when deciding whether to extend the recruitment or engage in additional targeted outreach.

  • We typically recommend extending a recruitment period due to the low number of applications received. Additional targeted outreach is requested when the demographic pool is not diverse or doesn't represent the communities that are underrepresented and marginalized.

 Step 5:Review Applicants and Create Eligible List 

When the recruitment closes, the candidates are reviewed in one of two ways: Subject Matter Expert (SME) Review or Bureau of Human Resources Review (BHR). Eligible lists are created electronically in NEOGOV. The list includes applicants who met the minimum qualifications. Eligible List Best Practices.

SME Review: The bureau selects the SME reviewer(s). Bureau SME(s) review candidates based on the minimum qualifications only.  

  • SME can be the hiring manager, team members, or experts from the field (within the City or External).

  • Do not review for “most qualified,” as that is completed during the selection process when you determine whom to interview.  This is done for two reasons: 1) to avoid preemptively narrowing the field, and 2) to avoid hiring biases that can begin to come into play based on names, dates, etc.

  • Your review should be completed within three to five business days of the job closing date. 

BHR Review: Workforce Recruitment & Training reviews candidates based on the minimum qualifications.

  • The Recruiter will ask you to review the applications of candidates who failed their review.
    This optional review, known as the “No Pass Review” (NPR), should be completed within 1 – 2 business days after it has been sent to you.

Recruitment FAQ

Frequently asked questions around recruitments.

Recruitment Terminology Glossary

Recruitment Terminology Glossary

Diversity Recruitment Best Practices

The keys to recruiting diverse talent to the City of Portland are relationships, follow-through, strong employer branding and an inclusive work environment.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Minimum Qualifications Review

The hiring manager can request to have a SME evaluation for their recruitment.