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Step 6:  Conduct Candidate Interviews: 

** Refer to your bureau-specific hiring guidance (if applicable) for specific selection requirements.** 

  • You will receive an email with your eligible list, a link to your referral (electronic form to hire candidate), and the NEOGOV** step-by-step guide.
  • Bureau-identified SME(s) will review all of the candidates' application materials and identify who will be invited for the interview . To ensure an equitable selection process, you should interview all candidates whom you feel are most qualified for the position.
  • Once you have your list of candidates to interview, connect with your HRBP to discuss how the interviews should take place and how many interviews are appropriate before selecting a candidate to fill a vacancy. See Selection Appendices for interview type options.
  • The HRBP will connect with you if a candidate you have chosen to interview has a reasonable accommodation request based on disability, pregnancy, and/or religion.
  • All verified veterans are required to be invited to the first interview. Once interviewed, your HRBP will apply any additional veterans' preference points when they receive your interview scores.
  •  It is essential that your interview questions have clear scoring instructions that will allow your panelists to equitably score each candidate; please consult with your HRBP for assistance. Interview scores should be based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the candidate. Provide your HRBP with the interview scores after each interview step. 

Step 7: Making an Offer and Finalizing the Recruitment: 

You've almost made it! The last step of the recruitment and selection process is just as important as the first. It matters how we treat our candidates! Ensuring that we are transparent in reaching out in a timely manner, speaking one-on-one with internal candidates, and providing feedback if requested is essential to maintaining a positive candidate experience. 

**NEOGOV is the City of Portland Applicant Tracking System

  • Once you have selected a candidate, you are ready to partner with your OBPA to develop an offer according to bureau procedures.
  • Connect with your HRBP if your offer is contingent on passing the background check, driver's license, or any other position/bureau-specific requirements.
  • Connect with your HRBP to request a pay equity review, as applicable, and develop an offer in accordance with the pay equity review result.
  • Please reach out to BHR Classification Compensation Team for additional questions about pay equity review.
  • Develop a well-rounded onboarding and training plan to ensure the success of the new employee and facilitate their integration into the team.
  • Ensure that all candidates who were not selected are notified in a timely manner. Please refer to the NEOGOV Function Resources Guide.

Selecting candidates for Interviews

Selection and Prep for Interviews.

Rejection Reasons Terminology Glossary

Glossary of rejection terminology

Lawful and Prohibited Pre-Employment Inquiries

The following list describes specific information that can and cannot be addressed during the selection process.

Selection FAQ

frequently asked questions when selecting a candidate during a recruitment.

Virtual Interview Best Practice

Best Practices for Conducting Virtual Interviews

Veterans’ Preference Guidelines

The guidelines and options explained below are provided to help you implement and apply veterans’ preference at each phase of the employment process and are designed to aid in implementing HRAR 3.07.

Appointment Status Terminology Glossary

Glossary of recruitment appointment status