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Reasonable Accommodations

As an equal employment opportunity employer, the City of Portland is committed to providing reasonable accommodations upon request for job applicants and candidates.

Under federal and state law, an applicant or employee must have at least one of three qualifying conditions in order to request and receive a reasonable accommodation:

  • Disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as amended.
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition (including lactation).
  • Observation of a religious practice. 

Job applicants or candidates with a qualifying condition may ask for accommodation at any time during the application process.

Process Overview

Below is a high-level summary of the reasonable accommodations process. For in-depth details, read Human Resources Administrative Rule (HRAR) 2.06 or register for an upcoming Reasonable Employment Accommodations Training in CityLearner**.

1. Requesting an Accommodation. To request an accommodation, job applicants or candidates may either contact the Recruiter on the job posting or privately indicate an accommodation need in their NEOGOV application. The HRBP will be notified either way. If a hiring manager is made aware of an accommodation request outside of this process, it is essential they notify their HRBP no later than one (1) business day after the request is made.

2. Intake. The HRBP will contact the job applicant or candidate and conduct an intake process. They will gather more information on the person’s needs and any time-sensitive events that may be occurring, such as a scheduled exam or interview.

3. Interactive Process. The HRBP will discuss the request with the hiring manager, determine if the applicant’s condition qualifies under federal and state law, collect/review/store any required paperwork, and consult with other stakeholders as needed (e.g., City Attorneys). The interactive process may be expedited if an applicant or candidate has a time-sensitive accommodation need.

**CityLearner is the portal for City of Portland training courses. City employees access this portal to complete required training and additional courses for professional development. 

4. Determination. At the end of the interactive process, the HRBP will provide a written notice to the hiring manager and the applicant or candidate on whether the accommodation is approved, approved with certain conditions, or denied.

5. Providing Accommodation. If an accommodation is approved, the bureau is responsible for arranging any accommodation services needed, with the exception of a technology request (HRBPs will assist in procuring any needed technology). BHR recruiters may be able to assist bureaus in implementing accommodations assistance for exams and demos (e.g., providing exam materials in large font or arranging for more time on an exam).


The City of Portland maintains a Disability Accommodations Fund to cover the cost of any accommodation needed by an applicant or candidate with a disability. Your HRBP can provide more information if needed.

For accommodations related to pregnancy, expression of milk, or religious practices, it is the bureau’s responsibility to cover any costs as needed.

Example Accommodations

Possible reasonable accommodations may include but are not
limited to:

  • Providing written materials in an alternate format such as large font or braille.
  • Providing verbal instructions or questions in writing or American Sign Language.
  • Providing additional time to complete an exam or demo.
  • Providing short breaks during an exam, demonstration or interview.
  • Allowing the use of a personal assistant or job coach during interviews.
  • Providing temporary storage space for expressed milk (e.g., a refrigerator).
  • Providing a quiet, private space for prayer or similar religious practices.

If you have questions about providing reasonable accommodations for job applicants or candidates, please contact your Human Resources Business Partner.

City of Portland's Disability Accommodation Fund Guidance

City of Portland's Disability Accommodation Fund Guidance

HRAR 2.06 - Reasonable Employment Accommodations

Human Resources Administrative Rule (HRAR) 2.06 - Reasonable Employment Accommodations